Revealed via an official press release, publisher Boom Studios has announced it will be creating an all-new Mega Man comic called Mega Man: Fully Charged. The comic is based on the new television cartoon of the same name. The comic, a six-issue mini-series, comes to us from the cartoon’s writers A.J. Marchisello and Marcus Rinehart. Artist Stefano Simeone provides the stunning artwork. According to the press release:

After Mega Man’s father Dr. Light is kidnapped, a shocking truth rocks Mega Man’s world as it seems the Robot Masters know more about his secret history than he does. But as Dr. Wily’s machinations trigger Mega Man’s forgotten memories of the brutal human/robot war, our hero is left to question just who he is and if he can trust anything or anyone – including the man he calls father.

Via Boom Studos Press Release
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Man of Action Studios developed and produced the show based on the source comic, Mega Man: Fully Charged. The series premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on August 5, 2018 with fifty-two, 11-minute episodes. So far there has been no word on a second season.

Mega Man Mini-Series or Full Series?

Given the ties to the cartoon the comic is based on; it is unclear whether or not the comic will continue after the initial six issues. Many fans will no doubt remember the excellent Archie comic done by Iyan Flynn in 2011-2015. Though cut short at only fifty-five issues, Critics praised the comic highly. Originally it was only an adaptation of the first video game featuring the character. Its popularity resulted in a full series. The same could happen to this new comic if it performs well.

The Boom! Studios comic releases to shops in August 2020 and will also be available for digital purchase.