Warner Bros. releases a new trailer for Tenet on YouTube.

A movie about reversing time…so basically Braid: The Movie?


On May 21, 2020; Warner Bros. released a brand new trailer for their equally-as-brand-new movie: Tenet, directed by Christopher Nolan. The trailer depicts the as-of-yet unnamed protagonist (played by John David Washington) getting acquainted with his newfound power. Said power appears to be the ability to rewind time and make things unhappen. If that sounds confusing to you, you’re not alone. Remember, Tenet is directed by the same guy who made Inception.

Inception's moral in an inverted nutshell.
Works just fine as an Inception moral for me.

As an example: the Tenet trailer shows the protagonist unfiring a pistol that’d been fired. He picks up the pistol and pulls the trigger, causing the spent cartridge and the bullet to fly back into the chamber. The pistol then uncocked itself, and now the bullet is back in the magazine. Even the bullet hole on the concrete target disappeared. So basically: the act of firing the pistol caused the pistol to never be fired by the person who’d fired it in the first place. So then, what did that person do in that time? Are you getting a headache yet?

Patrick mindblown by "Tenet".
What if the thing you’d done didn’t actually happen?

And on top of that, the entire premise of Tenet is that this time-reversing power is somehow supposed to prevent World War III. Or to be more precise: “Something worse.” Not sure how something could be worse than WWIII. Then again, this is Christopher Nolan we’re talking about. You know, the director behind not just Inception (2010), but also The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-2012), Interstellar (2014), and Dunkirk (2017)? Expect some batshit craziness.

Batman failing a spot check for the nth time.
Well, what did you expect when you decided to live in a cave full of bats?


Consider me hyped for Tenet. I absolutely loved Inception and Interstellar, especially their mindbending plots. If this movie is any similar, I’ll definitely be waiting for the DVD release. Probably won’t go to theaters even for this though. Not with that darn COVID-19 running loose. Shame, really. If there’s any movie that might’ve made me go to theaters on July 17 to watch it, this might’ve been it.

"Tenet" is an anagram of itself. Mindblown.
Oh hey, an anagram.

As it is, just stay safe, everyone.

Source: YouTube