Despite Marvel keeping the plot under wraps Fandomwire has revealed the plot and several story beats of Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings.


Marvel’s marketing strategy is carefully designed to keep viewers engaged from Comic-Con sneak peaks to opening weekend. Secrecy early on is key, as it intrigues the audience and allow Marvel to release information to them a bit at a time. Only enough to keep their curiosity up. As a result details on upcoming projects are often very mysterious until the first trailer drops. But now, thanks to an exclusive scoop from Fandomwire, several plot details of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings have been revealed.

The Story of Shang-Chi (Spoiler Alert)

Shang-Chi (played by Simon Liu) is an orphan with special powers. Raised his whole life in a special school run by The Mandarin (played by Tony Chiu-Wai Leung). The Mandarin collects children with special powers and trains them to eventually fight in a tournament, a tournament that will bring fighters from all over the Marvel Universe to compete. The winner will receive the ten gold rings that (in the comics) wield power over the elements. Shang-Chi manages to escape the Mandarin and lives his life on the run. Many years later though The Mandarin catches up with Shang-Chi and offers him a deal. The tournament is almost upon them but The Mandarin is too old to fight in it. So he wants Shan-Chi to compete in his place in exchange for his freedom.

Further Details

According to sources the action in the film will blend hand to hand combat with more fantastic elements. Shang-Chi for example has the power to create duplicates of himself during combat. The combatants in the tournament will come from all over, including cosmic and fantasy worlds. The film will also address the Mandarin that appeared in Iron Man 3. Confirming that he was never the real Mandarin. Awkwafina will be playing Fah Lo Suee. Shan-Chi’s sister in the comics but The Mandarin’s daughter in the film and a potential love interest for Shang-Chi.


There’s a lot riding on Marvel’s Phase 4. Avengers: Endgame brought the storyline of the previous phases to a satisfying conclusion Phase 4 will be a new start. Continuing the arcs of some characters but also introducing audiences to brand new characters. Shang-Chi is one of the characters that Marvel will be introducing to audiences, obscure even to comic book fans. From this plot description Marvel will be taking a somewhat atypical approach to their usual origin story formula. Sadly the film, like all other movies shooting earlier this year, has suffered delays due to the coronavirus outbreak. The film is scheduled for a May 27th 2021 release. Picking up production once it is safe to do so.