Apparently, Super Bowl LVII is looking to promote The Flash film. Or perhaps it might be the other way around? In any case, either reason (or perhaps both) are compelling reasons for why Super Bowl is planning to debut a trailer for this upcoming DC film during an otherwise sports-focused event.

A Flashy Super Bowl This Time Around?

"The Flash" screenshot featuring Ezra Miller as the titular Flash. Image from Warner Bros..
Yeah, I know. We’re all as stunned as you are.

TheWrap has just revealed that Warner Bros. is planning to debut a promo trailer for the upcoming The Flash film at Super Bowl LVII. Apparently, this trailer will premiere just before Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will have its own trailer debut. It seems like Warner Bros. is staking quite a bit on this trailer to prop up this latest DC superhero film.

Unfortunately, we have no idea what this The Flash trailer will be about. TheWrap makes no mention of the contents of this trailer. All we have to go on is what appears to be a screenshot from the film above, courtesy of Warner Bros.. The screenshot appears to show Ezra Miller front and center as the titular Flash, but the 2 people behind and to his sides are both unknowns at this point. I presume we’ll have an idea of who they are after we actually see this trailer during the Super Bowl.

Speaking of which (and in case you didn’t already know), Super Bowl LVII will take place on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023. So if you’re a DC fan who just wants to watch this The Flash trailer, then that’s the date to circle on your calendar. Tune back into THS then for more on this trailer when we watch it as well. And then maybe, just maybe, we’ll have an idea of what this DC film will be like when it hits theaters on June 16, 2023. And whether Warner Bros. is justified in letting Ezra Miller continue to play the starring role despite all the controversies surrounding him.

Source: TheWrap