Well, it looks like DC might be on the right track after one of the most tumultuous periods in film history. THR reported on a massive amount of DC news including news about Henry Cavill‘s return as Superman, The Flash 2, James Gunn returning to direct projects, and other films in the slate. Black Adam releases in theaters this weekend, but that hasn’t stopped Dwayne Johnson from trying to get Black Adam VS. Superman into existence. They’re reporting that JJ Abrams projects are still very much in the pipeline as well. It was an absolutely massive amount of information presented about the future of DC Films.

Warner Bros is dead-set on bringing back the Cavill version of Superman for multiple films. Man Of Steel 2 is looking for writers at the moment and according to THR, Christopher McQuarrie is at the top of their wishlist. Dwayne Johnson has plans for Black Adam vs. Superman, and he’s been at the center of bringing Cavill back to DC. Walter Hamada initially nixed the idea of bringing back Cavill, but Johnson went around him to a higher chain of command and the deal was struck.

Don’t forget about Matt Reeves, who is building his own version of Gotham City out with his Batman films and series. He’s developing a sequel to The Batman while also working on other movies focusing on Batman’s villains and characters in his universe like Clayface, Scarecrow, and Professor Pyg. These projects are all in early development.

JJ Abrams is still working on his version of Superman and other streaming series that didn’t quite make it to HBO Max like Constantine and Zatanna. Those are being shopped to other streaming services for the time being.

All of this comes as DC still hasn’t found a new leader to replace Walter Hamada as head of the studio. Warner Bros Pictures head Michael De Luca is the de facto leader of the studio right now, greenlighting Joker 2, making decisions on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and putting out fires regarding the release of The Flash.

Speaking of The Flash, there’s already a script in the tube for a sequel to that film from screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. Wonder Woman 3 also has a treatment from Patty Jenkins incoming. With Dwayne Johnson leading the charge on some of their lesser-known characters, DC could finally be coming out of the darkness that gave us the cancelation of Batgirl among so many other projects.

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Source: THR

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