With new regimes, usually comes a good amount of change to current plans. DC Films has two new bosses in James Gunn and Peter Safran. Those two are already hard at work with the new slate of films and television series that DC is working on. However, according to THR, one such film that won’t be moving forward is Patty Jenkins‘s Wonder Woman 3.

The two heads were busy at work in Aspen, Colorado on the new “bible” going forward for DC, and they’ve returned for a meeting with Warner Bros. DIscovery CEO, David Zaslav. According to sources, Wonder Woman 3 in its current incarnation, is not part of that plan.

While this is an incredibly early plan for the future of DC, things could change, and we could still be getting a Wonder Woman centric film in the future. Jenkins recently delivered a treatment to DC, but she was notified that the film would not go forward. Anything DC moving forward besides the current crop of films, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Flash, and Blue Beetle, is in flux. There aren’t even concrete plans with The Flash, as that film remains a work in progress so far.

One completely safe thing is Matt Reeves’s The Batman universe. Reeves is currently writing the sequel to The Batman and two series are set in that universe coming in The Penguin and Gotham CIty PD.

As with anything, these are from solid sources, but plans in Hollywood change all the time. We’ll likely learn more about the future of DC’s film slate as we get into early 2023 and after that meeting between Safran, Gunn, and Zaslav.

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Source: THR

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