It seems that Titan Comics really wants to hype up their second issue of Blade Runner 2039: the final arc of Ash’s comic book adventures from writer Mike Johnson, artist Andres Guinaldo, and colorist Marco Lesko. Why else would they release some beautiful covers and even preview pages for us to admire?

Blade Runner 2039 #2: Covers Galore!

"Blade Runner 2039 #2" main cover art by Kendrick Lim.
This makes me wish that Blade Runner has an animated adaptation…oh wait, it does have one. Main cover artist: Kendrick Lim.

Titan Comics is proud to hype up Blade Runner 2039 #2 by showing off the new covers for it. The main cover art above is by Kendrick Lim, and features an almost anime-esque art style for what are presumed to be the main characters of this comic book. Unfortunately, there’s not much information on Lim. His only major contribution (albeit an important one) seems to be as a major artistic contributor to the Dota community, although he does seem to draw a lot of art for DC comics.

"Blade Runner 2039 #2" variant cover A art by Veronica Fish.
I guess this is the fight of the old women and men. Variant cover A artist: Veronica Fish.

The above variant cover for Blade Runner 2039 #2 by Veronica Fish. Fish, fortunately, is a bit more well-known than Lim. Fish is an American comic book artist and painter who’s best known for her contributions to Marvel Comics…and surprisingly, Archie comics as well. You can even see a bit of Archie influence in the art style of the 2 characters above.

"Blade Runner 2039 #2" variant cover B art by Syd Mead.
Oh look, one of the few actual cars in the Blade Runner universe. Variant cover B artist: Syd Mead.

Finally, we have the above second variant cover art for Blade Runner 2039 #2 by the late Sydney Jay Mead, also known as Syd Mead. Mead was an American industrial designer and neo-futurist concept artist. He worked with major studios to design sci-fi vehicles and machines for such works as Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Tron, Aliens, Elysium, even the anime series Turn A Gundam and Yamato 2520, and of course, Blade Runner. The above cover art seems to be concept art for Blade Runner, showing a futuristic car not too dissimilar to Rick Deckard’s car.

Blade Runner 2039 #2 will go on sale on January 11, 2023 for a retail price of $3.99. You can preorder it on Previews World. If you live in the UK or Europe though, then you can do the same on Forbidden Planet.

Blade Runner 2039 #2: Preview Pages

Now at long last, here are the promised preview pages for Blade Runner 2039 #2 from Titan Comics. There are 4 of them in total. You can check them out below:

"Blade Runner 2039 #2" preview page 1.
Spinners always outrun cars. You know, because they can fly.
"Blade Runner 2039 #2" preview page 2.
You’re definitely not Freysa.
"Blade Runner 2039 #2" preview page 3.
Is it just me, or do I sense tension between them?
"Blade Runner 2039 #2" preview page 4.
Uh, did they skip a few pages between the last preview page?