It looks like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is getting some new life in the form of an equally as new comic book series: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101. All courtesy of BOOM! Studios, of course.

Go Go Power Rangers (Refrain)!

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101" main cover art by Mateus Manhanini.
Okay, why is this cover making Pink Ranger look like she’s a fraction of the size as everyone else? Main cover artist: Mateus Manhanini.

BOOM! Studios is proud to announce Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101. This new comic book series is part of the Charge to 100 event from a short while ago, and this new comic book series will feature the aftermath of that. Melissa Flores (Power Rangers, The Dead Lucky) will be the writer, with Simona Di Gianfelice (All-New Firefly) as the artist. Raúl Angulo (Mighty Morphin) is the colorist, with Ed Dukeshire as the letterer. This team has apparently worked together on Power Rangers comics before, and so they return to bring you all some more. Meanwhile, we get Mateus Manhanini (Black Panther) as the artist for the main cover (seen above), with Bon Bernardo (Mighty Morphin), Francesco Tomaselli (Gunslinger Spawn), David Mack (Norse Mythology III), Rose Besch (Draculina), and Dani Pendergast (The Storyteller: Shapeshifters) responsible for the different variant covers.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101 will go on sale on October 26, 2022. You can purchase print copies of this comic book at your local comic book shop on that date. BOOM! Studios claims that this comic book will also be available on their webstore on that date. However, their webstore is notoriously unreliable for that, so you might want to check on Amazon or other online stores for print copies. You can, however, purchase digital copies from content providers like comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and Kindle if you’re fine with that.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101: Variant Covers

Remember all those variant covers I mentioned for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101? Well, BOOM! Studios has been kind enough to provide them all for us to admire. Check them out below:

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101" variant cover A art by Francesco Tomaselli.
I see Yellow Ranger is the star this time. Variant cover A artist: Francesco Tomaselli.
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101" variant cover B art by Bon Bernardo.
I see this artist wants to advertise the merch as well. Variant cover B artist: Bon Bernardo.
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101" variant cover C art by David Mack.
I see Red Ranger is doing his best Naruto impressions here. Variant cover C artist: David Mack.
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101" variant cover D art by Rose Besch.
Ooh, this cover makes Rita look like a villain right out of an anime. Variant cover D artist: Rose Besch.
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101" variant cover E art by Rose Besch.
I’m loving Rose Besch’s anime-style look for Rita. Variant cover E artist: Rose Besch.
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101" variant cover F art by Dani Pendergast.
I can’t tell if her helmet is breaking apart or coming together. Variant cover F artist: Dani Pendergast.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101: Preview Pages

As if the variant covers weren’t enough, BOOM! Studios also wants to show off some preview pages for this comic book. Check them out below:

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101" preview page 1.
Is it just me, or is there a deeper conflict here?
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101" preview page 2.
This is why you search someone for booby traps first.
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101" preview page 3.
Even great big floating heads get nightmares.
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101" preview page 4.
A nice fun game of paintball is what they need to unwind, clearly.
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101" preview page 5.
I’m sensing some sexual tension between Green and Yellow Rangers here.

Source: BOOM! Studios