It is that time of the week again. That’s right it is New Comic Book Day. From Marvel and DC to Image and Dark Horse there is a story for just about everyone out there. So make sure to run or fly over to your local comic book shop and grab that next story that will take you to a different place, introduce you to new superheroes, and team you up with that powerful villain. New Comic Book Day is for everyone so enjoy! Also thank you to our friends over at Buy Me Toys & Comics in Mishawaka Indiana for this week’s release list.


This is a big week for Marvel Comics, as today marks a new era for Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man #1. On top of that, there are eleven more amazing stories to pick up this week.

New Comic Book Day
  • Alien #11
  • Carnage #2
  • Hulk Grand Design Madness
  • Knights of X #1
  • Ms. Marvel #5
  • Punisher #2
  • Sabertooth #3
  • Silk #4
  • Silver Surfer Rebirth #4
  • Star Wars Crimson Reign #4
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #1
  • Thor #24


This week DC Comics has a huge lineup to choose from. From the Aquamen and Action Comics to the final issue of Justice League, be ready for some great reading this week.

New Comic Book Day
  • Action Comics #1042
  • Aquaman Green Arrow Deep Target #7
  • Aquamen #3
  • Batman Beyond the White Knight – Book 2
  • Dark Knights of Steel #6
  • Deathstroke #8
  • Detective Comics #1059
  • Harley Quinn #14
  • Justice League #75
  • Robin #13
  • Rogues – Book 2
  • Swamp Thing #12
  • Teen Titans Academy #14
  • The Joker #14
  • Trial of the Amazons – Book 2


If you are a fan of Image Comics there are a few releases for you this week as well. So get ready pick up the next issue of Saga or start a new story with Blood Stained Teeth, no matter what you choose there is some great reading heading your way.

New Comic Book Day
  • Blood Stained Teeth #1
  • Ghost Cage #2
  • GunSlinger Spawn #7
  • Newburn #6
  • Rogue Sun #3
  • Saga #58
  • Steep by Bloody Steep #3


From the power of Godzilla to the war between the Autobots and Decepticons IDW will keep you busty this week with some amazing stories.

New Comic Book Day
  • Godzilla vs King Ghidorah – One-Shot
  • Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2
  • Sonic The Hedgehog #49
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Last Ronin #5
  • Transformers Wars’s End #3
  • Transformers #42


This week Dark Horse Comics gives a couple of must-read stories you will not want to miss out on this week, like Scott Snyder’s We Have Demons #2

New Comic Book Day
New Comic Book Day
  • The British Paranormal Society #1
  • We Have Demons #2

BOOM! Studios

Who will win the battle between Godzilla vs the Power Rangers? Make sure to head to your local comic shop this week to see who is winning the battle.

New Comic Book Day
  • Brzrkr #8
  • Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2

Other New Comic Book Day Releases

New Comic Book Day
New Comic Book Day
  • Barbarella #9
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Draculina #3
  • Red Sonja #8
  • Vampirella Dracula Unholy #5

What are your thoughts on this week’s New Comic Book Day? Which Issues are a must-read for you? Also, what are some current comic series you are reading right now? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you.

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