It looks like Guerilla Games hasn’t forgotten Horizon Zero Dawn quite yet. Even in spite of the relatively recent release of Horizon Forbidden West, or possibly even because of that recent release. How else do you explain them planning a PS5 remaster of the original game, and that’s not even going into the multiplayer spinoff game?

Aloy Getting an Expensive Makeover?!

"Horizon Zero Dawn" game cover art.
A HD Aloy fighting a HD Thunderjaw on the PS5 sounds epic.

MP1ST (as well as Video Game Chronicle, who corroborated this story with their own sources) is reporting that Horizon Zero Dawn is going to get a remaster for the PS5. Or possibly remake. MP1ST isn’t entirely sure which one it is, since their source didn’t specify if it was going to be a “built from the ground up” type of remake. However, their source did specify that this remaster/remake will include “an improved lighting system (ambient occlusion, and such), overhauled textures. and better animations, with new character models to match those found in the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West“. Honestly, it sounds like it will be a much prettier game once this remaster/remake is complete.

Unfortunately, due to being early in development, there is no timeline for the release of this Horizon Zero Dawn remaster/remake. That’s something we’ll have to wait for at a later date. However, there’s even worse news: this remaster/remake news came along with the news of a similar The Last of Us remaster for the PS5. The news itself isn’t bad. It’s the pricing that’s the problem.

$70 for a remaster of an older game just feels a bit too expensive for my tastes. That applies to not only The Last of Us, but also Horizon Zero Dawn. I’d rather wait a couple of years for the price to drop down to something more reasonable during a discount than pay a $70 launch price for a prettier version of a game I’ve already played. Heck, I would rather save that money for the multiplayer spinoff.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Multiplayer Game?

"Horizon Zero Dawn" screenshot depicting a smiling Aloy next to an almost-smiling Erend.
Maybe we could even play as Erend in this spinoff?

That’s right, folks. According to MP1ST, some of their other sources confirm that a “team” (presumably Guerilla Games) is developing a multiplayer Horizon game. Apparently, this game will be an online multiplayer game for the PS5 and PC. Details about the gameplay and story are still sketchy though. Heck, we don’t even have a title for it yet. All we know is that this game “may” have a form of co-op (suggesting that it might be an optionally multiplayer game), and that there will be customization options based on the different tribes in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn and its sequel game. Presumably, this means we’ll get to dress up our characters as Carja, Oseram, Tenakth, or even some combination of them all.

In combination with the upcoming Horizon Call of the Mountain (at least, if you have a PlayStation VR2) and the long-awaited/rumored Horizon Forbidden West DLC (a la The Frozen Wilds), this should be sufficient to paint over any frustration with that Horizon Zero Dawn remaster/remake. At the very least, you know that you can save the $70 to spend elsewhere. Especially if you don’t want to spend that much for a remaster of a 5-year old game.

Source: MP1ST, Video Game Chronicle