Horizon Zero Dawn fans, rejoice! For Aloy will finally get to be the star of her own show! Along with a couple of other Sony franchises, but really, do you care about anything else?

Horizon Netflix Show?!

"Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition" box art.
I never want to fight a pair of Thunderjaws at the same time. Never ever.

IGN revealed that Sony has announced TV adaptations for 3 of their video game franchises: Horizon (likely Horizon Zero Dawn since it’s the first game in the series), God of War, and Gran Turismo. The news apparently comes from Sony’s investor briefing on May 26, 2022. Industry insiders like Dave Gibson on Twitter also confirmed this news and gave us more details on them to boot.

Fortunately, we only care about one of those positives.

It seems that this new Horizon Zero Dawn TV series will be heading to Netflix, while the God of War TV series will go to Amazon Prime Video. The only one we don’t know where it’ll be going is the Gran Turismo TV series. Fortunately, it’s probably also the one people are least likely going to care about. After all, the Gran Turismo games are not known for the quality of their story-telling. Actually, it’s more like “What story?” there.

So all we’re left with is Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War, and I think you can tell which franchise I’m going to focus on.

Horizon Zero Dawn TV Adaptation: At Long Last!

Everything’s always better when Banuk shamans are dancing and drawing machine dreams.

Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the biggest hit video games of the 2010s. The premise of primitive humans inhabiting a post-apocalyptic yet verdant paradise ruled by robot dinosaurs alone drew much attention back on February 28, 2017. Actually playing the game and finding out about Aloy’s story and the story of this fallen world only made it better. Then Guerilla Games had to outdo themselves by releasing Horizon Forbidden West on February 18, 2022. I swear, Guerilla, keep this up, and you’re going to be the next Toy Story series in video game form.

It makes me wonder just how much better the next game will be. Or even just the prophesized DLC.

It’s too bad the only thing we know about this Horizon Zero Dawn TV adaptation is that it will be a Netflix exclusive. No word of a production studio, director, or even a release window because, well, it’s way too early in production to tell. Heck, we’re not even sure if it’s live-action or animated. All we can do now is pray that whoever does end up making this series doesn’t screw it up. It’d be a terrible, terrible tragedy if it went the way of the Halo TV series, for example. Let’s hope it never gets that bad. Tune in later for more news about this TV series as we get more information about it.

Source: IGN, Twitter