“I am no Jedi! Ahsoka Tano might not be a Jedi but that hasn’t stopped her from being one of the most popular characters in Star Wars. Ever since her appearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans have been hooked. Also with appearances in Star Wars: Rebels, The Mandalorian, and The Book of Boba Fett; and with her own series coming later this year there is a lot going on for Ahsoka Fans. Not only does she have a lot of TV appearances she also has a lot of great merchandise that collectors are wanting to get their hands on.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ahsoka Tano Legends in 3-Dimensions Bust

One company we can thank for some great Ahsoka products is Diamond Select Toys. Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. have been putting out some amazing Ahsoka Statues and Busts, and thanks to them I am able to share with you my review of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ahsoka Tano Legends in 3-Dimensions Bust. Coming in at approximately 10-inches this bust sets atop a lightsaber-hilt pedestal. Limited to just 1000 pieces this bust retailing at $175 and is available now at Gentle Giant Ltd and some local comic shops.

Pros Of The Ahsoka Tano Legends 3D Bust

  • If you are a collector that likes to keep your items boxed up or the empty boxes out, this box’s art does not only give you a great image of the Ahsoka Tano bust but also gives you a little history of her as well.
  • The detailed sculpting and paint applications do an amazing job of bringing this 1:2 scale bust to life. This would easily be the centerpiece of any collection.
  • Because of the amazing sculpt and paint job this bust is made to look good no matter how you display it in your collection.
  • Weighing in at just over 4 pounds this bust will not be easily pushed around or side while in your collection.
  • The lightsaber Stand gives the Ahsoka Bust a more elegant look compared to other busts with plain stands.
  • Each Ahsoka Bust comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Cons Of The Ahsoka Tano Legends 3D Bust

  • While it is not easy to knock over the lightsaber base could use more of a wider base at the bottom to give the bust a better center of gravity.
  • It is a minor detail but the red lightsaber button could have been placed centered with the head. I feel that this would make whole piece flow bettter together.

My Final Thoughts

This is by far is one of my favorite pieces in my collection and just looking at it you can see why. There is hardly a flaw with this bust. From the sculpt to the paint job this is easily one of the best busts made by Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. Even with the couple of negatives I have about this statue there is no way I would say not buy it! The Ahsoka Legends 3D Bust is a must-have in any Ahsoka Tano fan’s collection!

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