“I am no Jedi!” After losing faith in the Jedi, Ahsoka walked away from the Jedi Order in search of a new path. Little did she know her path would lead her again to the Jedi, and would face Darth Maul during the Siege of Mandalore. With Ahsoka’s return to Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian this year, we have seen a lot of amazing Ahsoka items hit the market. Well thanks to Diamond Select Toys / Gentle Giant, we have another great item to add to our collections, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ahsoka Tano Premier Collection Statue.

Thanks to our friends over at Diamond Select Toys / Gentle Giant, I am able to share with you my review of the, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ahsoka Tano Premier Collection Statue. The Ahsoka 1:7 Scale Statue is limited to 3000 pieces and retails between $150 – $175. This statue is still available at Gentle Giant, and make sure to check out their Premier Guild Membership for discounts, coupons, and amazing gifts!

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ahsoka Tano Premier Collection Statue

Ahsoka Tano

Pros Of The Diamond Select / Gentle Giant Ahsoka Tano Premier Collection Statue

From the sculpt to the smallest details this statue, the Ahsoka Statue from Diamond Select Toys / Gentle Giant as so much going for it!

  • If you are worried about having Ahsoka shipped to you, don’t be. This statue is packaged very well with Styrofoam around the whole statue.
  • The sculpt on this statue is amazing. From her two lightsabers by her side to Morai coming to rest on her raised hand, they made sure that this statue had it all!
  • The paint job on this statue gives Ahsoka and Morai a realistic look. Every detail pops out to you with amazing color on this statue.
  • Because of the raised arm of Ahsoka, this statue is a little taller then most (11-inches), well to prevent it from being easily knocked over, the base is made wider to help with stability.
  • This statue does come in three pieces, and is very easy to assemble.

Cons Of The Diamond Select / Gentle Giant Ahsoka Tano Premier Collection Statue

Well, again Diamond Select / Gentle Giant has made another statue where it was hard to fins anything negative with it.

  • If you are a fan if different poses you may be a little disappointed. The pose you see is the pose you get, but lets be real, it still is an amazing statue movement or not.
  • Morai does comes attached to Ahsoka’s hand, so with the added height you will want to make sure that it is somewhere that it can not be easily bumped or hit. You don’t want Morai breaking off and flying away.

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My Final Thoughts

Wow, this is probably one of my favorite Star Wars Statues out there. If there is a better Ahsoka statue, I have not seen it yet. Also if you are interested in this statue don’t hesitate, it has already sold out at Entertainment Earth, and probably wont be long until it is gone forever! Make sure to head over to Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant to see more about this and other great Star Wars statues that are heading our way! On a scale of 1 to 5 Hashtags I give this statue 5 Hashtags!

Ahsoka Tano

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