There’s one definition of “Rad New Worlds”, and then there’s the version from Oxygen Not Included. One of those may be hazardous to your duplicants’ health. Guess which one it is?

Oxygen Not Included "Rad New Worlds" update art.
Part of me is a bit worried about that little guy looking so excited about radiation. Then I remember they’re a duplicant, so it’s fine.

Klei Entertainment is proud to announce their Rad New Worlds update for Oxygen Not Included. To be specific, this update is explicitly for the Spaced Out! DLC, although there are some improvements to the base game as well. You can find details of this update on either the Klei Entertainment forums, or on Steam Events page about this update. Note that the article on the Klei forums is much more detailed about the list of changes, so if you want the technical details, you might want to read that one instead.

Rad New Worlds Update: Details

Now with added realism, thanks to all that lovely glowing radiation.

The main thing about Rad New Worlds is in the name. This update introduces new clusters and asteroids into Spaced Out!, including asteroids that have fewer biomes per asteroid, but compensate with more asteroids period. The difficulty varies, but the forums note that these are meant to be harder challenges for experienced players looking for more difficult tasks. New players be wary with these new worlds.

And of course, radiation is a big part of Rad New Worlds. This update features a pair of new buildings in the Radiation tech tree: the Radiation Lamp, and the Manual Radbolt Generator. The former emits a constant and predictable cone of radiation as long as you supply uranium ore to it, while the latter emits a small but constant supply of Radbolts so long as you supply it with a bit of uranium ore and some duplicant elbow grease. Oh, and lastly, radbolts in general now fly a longer distance before dissipating.

Rad New Worlds also changed up Cosmic Research. It’s now “Data Analysis Research”, and you generate points for it by processing Data Banks at the Virtual Planetarium. You can get Data Banks by studying various things you find in your space adventures, or by generating them at the Orbital Data Collection Lab.

Finally, Klei talks about their roadmap for the Spaced Out! DLC in general. They mentions that they’re gradually shifting away from adding features and content towards fixing bugs and polishing up the DLC. Apparently, this is in anticipation of an eventual full release for this DLC. They still don’t mention exactly when it will come out of Steam Early Access, but it’s getting there. For the full list of changes, head over to the Klei Entertainment forums.


Klei Entertainment is proud to announce their Rad New Worlds update for the Spaced Out! DLC for Oxygen Not Included. This update features improvements to the radiation system, including a pair of new radiation-related buildings. The update also suggests that the DLC is getting closer to a full release, but as to when? They don’t say. Hopefully, it will be relatively soon.

Source: Klei Entertainment forums, Steam Events