Don’t Starve Together has got something very interesting for us today, and it involves our favorite little spider boy: Webber. They even have a new trailer for us detailing his backstory.

The Spider-Boy who just wanted love, and got this instead.

Don’t Starve Together officially announces the Webber Refresh update. This is basically an overhaul of the Webber character for the game. The overhaul includes things like new abilities, and the ability to craft new items unique to little Webber. As usual, the update includes new skins for Webber that you can buy for real-world money if you want. They have also added a new Twitch drop called the Rockjaw Sail. If you’re interested, check out their Twitch streams.

This Don’t Starve Together update launched just yesterday on June 24, 2021. If you haven’t received it yet if you own the game, check your Steam download page. Hopefully, you’ll find it there. Otherwise, you can get the game on Steam for $14.99 full price.

Don’t Starve Together: Webber Refresh Details

Don't Starve Together: Webber Refresh Update.
Aww, he’s such a cute little mutant spider-boy.

The list of changes of Webber’s character in Don’t Starve Together is fairly detailed, especially in the crafting department. Webby can now craft a Webby Whistle to help him control his spiders better. He can craft a Shoo Box that dismisses spiders following him and calms down spiders attacking him. He can craft a Den Decorating Set that will pacify all spiders in range of the den and make them friendly towards non-Webby players (which frankly, fits his character). Webber can also craft a Healing Glop that heals all spiders in an area, and only spiders. Lastly, he can craft Switcher Doodles that mutates spiders into different types if he feeds it to them.

Webber himself in Don’t Starve Together can now also sleep inside Tier 3 spider dens, shave dens to downgrade them, and gets a speed boost when running on the web-lined ground around spider dens. Webber can also put hats on spiders now, and he can put them into his inventory when they’re in traps or when they’re asleep. He also won’t attack spiders by default, although you can make him do it. Aside from that though, the changes also affect the spiders themselves. The Spiderqueen can now spawn a new type of spider called the Nurse Spider. No idea what that new spider does (although healing wouldn’t be out of the question), so you’ll just have to see for yourself in the game.


Don’t Starve Together has a new update for us in the form of the Webber Refresh. The update overhauls his character and makes it a bit easier to manage your spiders. Interested? Then check this indie survival game out on Steam.

Source: Klei Entertainment