Ever wanted to play a hack and slash game and a tower defense game all at once, with hints of survival mixed in? Well, EXOR Studios has the game for you in the form of The Riftbreaker. And what better way to announce its release than an epic launch trailer? Check it out below:

How many genres do you want in this sci-fi game? Answer: yes.

EXOR Studios (Zombie Driver, X-Morph: Defense) is proud to announce the official release of their latest game, The Riftbreaker, with the launch trailer above. The game launched on October 14, 2021 today, so you should see it in stores by the time of this writing. This game is exclusive to the PC for now, but will arrive on the Xbox Series and PS5 sometime in the future.

You can purchase The Riftbreaker directly from their official website. You can also purchase the game on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG.com. No matter which store you choose to visit, all of them currently have a 10% launch discount on the game. The discount will only last for a week after release though. If you want to take advantage of this discount, you might want to hurry up and do so.

The Riftbreaker: Details

The Riftbreaker key art.
I came, I saw, I industrialized.

So what is The Riftbreaker about? Well, as I previously said, this game is a weird hybrid of hack and slash and tower defense, with some survival elements and base-building mixed in. Think of the gameplay as Subnautica crossed over with Diablo and Defense Grid: The Awakening.

Love building me some nice, enormous, and well-defended bases.

As for the story of The Riftbreaker, it seems pretty basic. You play as a scientist-soldier named Ashley who is sent on a one-way trip to a distant planet called Galatea 37 to help prepare it for human colonization. Your task is to gather resources to build a 2-way wormhole back to Earth. The resources aren’t all in one spot, so you’re going to have to travel around the planet to get them. Oh, and you’re riding in a sapient battlemech to help you out with that. Good luck.


EXOR Studios is proud to announce the release of The Riftbreaker with a nice launch trailer. This game is a hack and slash crossed over with base-building, tower defense, and survival mechanics. The release happened today on October 14, 2021; and the stores selling the game are currently having a 10% launch discount. If this blend of genres interests you for a sci-fi video game, then check it out now. They even have a free demo on Steam.

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