Fresh on the heels of the immensely popular prequel series Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Amazon Studios looks to have another hit on its hands… and it hasn’t yet even premiered. We’re talking about the upcoming science-fiction thriller The Peripheral, coming to Amazon Prime Video. The series is already looming large at New York Comic Con 2022, where you can visit the Forever Fab 3D Print Shop, a key locale in in the upcoming series.

Starring Chloe Grace Moretz, The Peripheral follows Grace’s Flynn Fisher, a young woman looking to escape the doldrums of everyday life through alternate reality video games… but that reality may not be as “alternate” as Flynn thinks….

Escape into the world of The Peripheral at NYCC 2022

The peripheral
Image Credit: JJ Goodman/That Hashtag Show, LLC

Here’s the show’s official synopsis from

Stuck in a small Appalachian town, a young woman’s only escape from the daily grind is playing advanced video games. She is such a good player that a company sends her a new game system to test… but it has a surprise in store. It unlocks all of her dreams of finding a purpose, romance, and glamour in what seems like a game… but it also puts her and her family in real danger.

The Peripheral; Amazon Studios; NYCC 2022
Image: Amazon Studios

At New York Comic Con, you can visit Flynn’s 3d Print shop, where “staff” will give you a tour of the factory and some “candy” to help “immerse you in the simulation.” Things go awry quickly, though, as you learn that your world, and your future, are not what they seem. Fans able to visit The Peripheral experience are “invited to step into the world of 2032 and ‘see the future printed before their eyes.’ As they make their way through the experience, they’ll see surveillance cameras and someone from the future urging them toward an unknown “sim.” Attendees will soon realize the future has something more in store for them.

You’ll lean soon enough – The Peripheral debuts on Amazon Prime Video October 21. To visit the experience at NYCC, head over to Booth. #2757.