Snowpiercer keeps chugging along with its new mission to get Melanie to the science station well up in the Rockies. Firstly let’s just say that the writers hit it out of the park naming the episodes! Whether it’s obvious or subtle it hits all the marks!

This episode opens a bit differently, with Mr. Wilford doing his morning speech to the crew of Big Alice. Trying to arouse the support of his crew big parading Icy Bob thru the cars as he goes to be experimented on. Ending with the all familiar tag line of Snowpiercer, 1034 cars long, but he added this it’s HIS Train.

Photo by David Bukach

To The Science Center

As both trains try their best to work towards the common goal of getting Melanie ready for her departure. We start to see that Big Alice is fully loaded as a resupply train that was mentioned in last season’s finale. But the one thing that’s missing is food. While Wilford dines in his form of luxury the rest of the train is either starving or severely rationed. So as both trains need to realize that they are reliant on each other Layton offers to supplement Alice’s crew with fresh food in exchange for parts that are in Big Alice’s storage cars. Wilford calls Layton an excellent leader harking back to the previous episode, noticing Kevin scarfing down chicken wings with fervor. Wilford takes this offer under advisement, as he sits upon a throne, yes a throne!

After agreeing to let Melanie onboard shortly for her disembarkment, preparations get underway. On Snowpiercer’s side, Bess is still working on finding out who the W loyalists are that attacked the Tailie. It led her to think that the Breachmen were involved as they would be considered the most loyal.

Journey To Parenthood

As Melanie preps over on Big Alice with the “supervision” of her own daughter. She is able to break the contempt Alex holds for her briefly to see where she is bunking. Even an endearing moment from mother to a child not just reconnecting with her. She shows but showing Alex how she feels connected to the train.

That moment sets up for a huge emotional payoff later in the episode when Alex has the burden of guiding the train up the rocky mountain pass. literally putting everyone’s lives at stake. Wilford plays Alex’s emotions making her decide on reconnecting with her mother or the human race. She chooses the latter and as a tear is shed Wilford demands that is her last tear HE will allow. With that, the contempt Alex seems to be shifting from her mother to Wilford.

Photo by David Bukach

Personal Journeys

Aside from the Melanie/Alex story, the other passengers are trying to deal with the change in dynamics. The biggest journey we see is Josie taking off her bandages to see a scarred face. Her only surviving skin being that of her hand she tried to save so she can strike Melanie with it once she recovers. Miss Audrey is starting to crack as Wilford is slowly moving back into her life. Ruth even mends fences with Melanie before she leaves for the science center. Although she was still hurt by Melanie’s deception, she promises to do her best for Alex in case Melanie comes back. Even wishing the engineer good luck saying that they will all be waiting for her upon return.

Thoughts and Theories

The episode was well-paced. they did their best balancing out everyone’s stories while still keeping the main story of getting to the research center. they glanced upon the W supporters and oddly when first and second class cars had to be shut down to get up the Rockies. The Chaplin of the train from the tea room gave Bess a St. Christopher medal. My theory is that he and some W zealots are the attackers. I don’t see anything coming out of Josie’s story till much later this season. With Layton encouraging Pike to reopen his smuggling under his supervision to figure out what Big Alice really needs. I was really surprised to see the forgiveness from Ruth so quickly. Sean Bean is killing it as the very stably unstable Wilford I can’t wait to see him hopefully unravel and how will it affect Snowpiercer.

Again, bravo to the writer for taking the name of the episodes and make it hit on so many levels! that goes to show you why this is one of the best dramas on TNT.

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