Do you want to see a crime drama based on real life events, but all in Spanish with English subtitles? Well, Paramount+ has the thing for you in the form of Parot. Check out this Spanish-language trailer below, or not if you don’t speak or read Spanish:

There are English subtitles, but I can’t post it here for some reason.

Paramount+ is proud to announce with the trailer above that they’re bringing Parot to their streaming service. This Spanish-language crime drama will hit Paramount+ on October 20, 2021. This means that you either need to pay up for a Paramount+ account if you want to watch this show, or try out their free trial if you’re lucky enough to haven’t have already done so.

Parot: Details

Parot key art.
Something wrong with the camera here?

So what is Parot about? Well, it’s a Spanish-language crime drama directed by Rafael Montesinos and Gustavo Ron and created by Pilar Nadal, Alonso Laporta Luis Murillo A. and Luis Murillo M. and based off of real life events. Specifically: the repeal of the Parot doctrine in Spain in 2013. The doctrine denied people convicted of certain serious crimes from having their sentence limited or reduced. You know, rights that Spain’s own laws establish? Well, the repeal of that seems like it should be a good thing, but this crime drama explores the negative effects of that repeal. Mostly in the form of a vigilante taking out specific criminals they feel should not have been released.

Parot screenshot 6, featuring the monkey-faced vigilante.
A very angry monkey indeed.

Aside from the plot, Parot will star Adriana Ugarte as Isabel Mora: an idealistic, professional and rigorous inspector, but marked by fire by a traumatic event in her past in which the released Haro has a lot to do with it. Michel Brown (under the name Plaza) will also play one of the criminals acquitted by the repeal. Blanca Portillo, Patricia Vico, and Nicole Wallace will also star in the series in unnamed roles.


The Spanish-language crime drama series based on real life events Parot will debut on Paramount+. The premier will happen on October 20, 2021. If you want to watch this series, check it out on Paramount+ on that date. Even for those of you who don’t speak Spanish, there is the English subtitles option.

Source: Paramount Plus Latinoamérica YouTube