There were rumors spreading around a few days ago that Izzy played by Tessa Rao was going the first openly gay ranger on the small screen because of spoilers from international airings! BUT with her Instagram post last night Tessa Rao made it official!

As of writing this article the post is almost at 4k likes.

I for one am excited that we now have even more representation on the small screen from this wonderfully diverse Dino Fury cast! If you follow the link and read the comments they are positive! Her castmates are equally supportive too!

Hasn’t there always been inclusion in Power Rangers?

We’ve always had some sort of DIVERSITY in the ranger fandom, over the 25+ years. But this is a first for the LGBTQ community. We do know that in the past Micheal Taber intended on playing Riley, the last onscreen green ranger, as gay. But I honestly think that Saban wasn’t ready to go down that storyline.

Izzy’s first morph also caused a double-take too, with her ripping off her “girl ranger skirt” after her first morph. We did chalk that up to the fact this is the sixth Ranger in franchise history to have a Male Sentai counterpart. But this time the writers had fun with it and I for one was elated during the scene!

So why now?

Hasbro!! I really believe that Hasbro has thrown out the old bible that Saban and Disney adhered to. Dino Fury being the first all Hasbro produced show, has done so well in its story tell that it makes total sense to finally advance the views on who can be a ranger!

We’ve already had LGBTQ representation in the Rangerverse with Ari and Remi, the Purple, and Orange Solar Rangers in the Boom Studios Comics. Then in the 2017’s Movie version of Trini played by Becky G.

Becky G as Trini in SABAN’S POWER RANGERS 2017

We at THATHASHTAGSHOW applaud Tessa Rao and the superpowered talented cast of POWER RANGERS DINO FURY for making another first in the franchise’s history!

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