So you’re crafting that ultimate Halloween playlist for your party or the drive to work. Does it have heavy metal? If it doesn’t, you’re doing the playlist a disservice. For THS Fright-A-Thon, we’ve done two separate lists of metal songs for the Halloween season. This time, we’re giving you five more to complete the playlist. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

10. Hecate’s Nightmare By Children Of Bodom

This is one of the newer tracks on the list, and it’s not exactly a Halloween song, but the subject matter is definitely spooky. Children of Bodom have plenty of tracks that you could pick from their discography that go into horror imagery. Sadly, we lost the leader of the band, Alexi Laiho in 2020. Celebrate his life and music with some Children of Bodom this Halloween season.

9. She-Wolf By Megadeth

Is it strictly about an actual werewolf woman? No. Does it still sound spooky enough to be on this list? Yes. “She-Wolf” might be about a horrible person who eats your feelings alive, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be similar to our love of Werewolves. There are some other good ones from Megadeth‘s discography like “The Conjuring”, “Devils Island”, “Bad Omen”, or “Set The World Afire”. But this one takes the cake with some classic horror imagery and a great riff.

8. Flash Of The Blade By Iron Maiden

Is this song about murdering people in a horror movie? No, but that didn’t stop Dario Argento from using it in his 1980s classic Phenomena. So if the song is about grabbing a sword and fighting dragons, or at least pretending to, it could also be about a serial killer stalking people. Iron Maiden has plenty of great songs for this slot like “Killers”, “Dance of Death”, “Prowler”, or “Iron Maiden”.

7. Every Song From Mercyful Fate’s Discography

This one is cheating, but you could say it’s only about “Evil”. Mercyful Fate has some of the spookiest sounding tracks out there, and you could pick one at random and it would likely blow anyone else out of the water when it comes to frights. King Diamond shows up later on this list, but you can use the same criteria for him.

6. Ritual By Ghost

Ghost is entering that territory of Mercyful Fate. Any track by them can be used for a list like this. “Ritual” just brings more to the table than most. Being about ritualistic sacrifice in a church only adds to the proceedings. Throw in that they sound like Scooby-Doo chase music sometimes, and you’ve got a recipe for Halloween fun.

5. Feed My Frankenstein By Alice Cooper

I think this list and the other Halloween Metal Music lists might have a theme… Alice Cooper has been in horror movies himself, he’s got plenty of sex-tinged songs about horror themes, and “Feed My Frankenstein” doesn’t stray away from that. It helps that it has Elvira’s voice on part of this track! Feed that Frankenstein and give this one a listen this Halloween season.

4. A Touch Of Evil By Judas Priest

Now this song is just scary. Like “Nightcrawler” on Painkiller, “A Touch Of Evil” is truly entrancing with it’s horror. From the slow synth start all the way to the killer riff, this one picks up when Rob Halford belts out “I taste the fear”. Judas Priest outdid themselves with this track. It might have some sexual connotations, but this one about a deal with the devil is a great addition to any Halloween playlist.

3. Hellraiser By Motorhead/Ozzy Osbourne

This one is easy. Ozzy is the Prince of Darkness. Lemmy is God. Hellraiser is awesome. Do you need more? You even get a two-for-one special here. The Motorhead version has an insane video that shows Lemmy is god, and can beat Pinhead in a card game. So anytime you run into the Cenobites, pray to the almighty Lemmy and he’ll come to help you out.

2. Welcome Home By King Diamond

A Halloween list is not complete without something from King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. “Welcome Home” from They, kicks off the album, and it should probably kick off your Halloween playlists. I mean, how much better can it get than King Diamond belting out “GRANDMAAAAAAAA”. It can’t, and you know it. This one is the right amount of actually scary and silly to be on any playlist you make.

1. All Hallows Eve By Type O Negative

This one might be an upset, but you don’t get much scarier and spooky than “All Hallows Eve” by Type O Negative. It’s atmospheric, it’s creepy, it has Peter Steele‘s patented vocals and screams. If you’re in need of something to set the mood this October, it doesn’t get much better than this one. The moody track has perfect Halloween vibes and works when cranked or when played lower in the background. You’ll be in the Halloween mood in no time.

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