Hot on the heels for the release of It: Chapter 2, That Hashtag Show is back with another Power Rangers movie mash up shirt design. This time it pays homage to the original ‘It’ movie poster from the 90’s.

Pineapple the Clown

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers monster, Pineapple the Clown is featured in the mash-up version. The Rangers fought Pineapple in season one of the show in the episode, ‘No Clowning Around’. Much like Pennywise the Dancing Clown taking the form of a spider monster, Pineapple took the form of an octopus monster.

Pineapple the Clown
Art by: Ryan Lindberg

Much like the original poster, artist, Ryan Lindberg took the same font and creepy feel from the image. Even the text at the bottom harkens back to the original by replacing Stephen King’s name (the creator of ‘It’) with Rita Repulsa, technically the creator of Pineapple, at least in show cannon. We plan on releasing more Power Rangers Mash-Up shirts every month.

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