Cosplay spotlight will focus on a different cosplayer from around the world to give people insight on how they got into cosplay and give you a chance to get to know the cosplayer better. Today, we focus on Feisty Vee!

Froppy: My Hero Academia Anime


That Hashtag Show: What got you into to cosplay?
Feisty Vee:  I have always been into costuming. On Halloween I was that girl who made her costume or who went out of her way to have some elaborate costume that everyone probably thought “Wow that’s a little extra!” It wasn’t until a few years ago a girl who I had graduated high school with reached out to me in hopes of finding another girl to cosplay with. I went to one convention and absolutely fell in love! Being able to become people’s favorite character and seeing how excited they get when they see my cosplay has kept me doing this for almost 4 years now!

R. Mika: Street Fighter Game

That Hashtag Show: What is your favorite cosplay?
 Feisty Vee: It is so hard for me to choose one favorite cosplay! At the moment I would probably say that my R. Mika cosplay from Street Fighter is right up there at the top. The character herself is so rare to see at conventions that when I walked in the fan response was unreal right off the bat. I couldn’t believe how excited people were to see an R. Mika come to life. The sewing was done by the incredible @Costumesbyviolet and she did such a good job with the sizing and fabric. The wig for R. Mika was also a huge challenge because of it’s gravity defying pigtails so to be able to execute that the way I wanted was a huge accomplishment for me!