Diane: Seven Deadly Sins Anime

That Hashtag Show: Which other cosplayers inspire you?
Feisty Vee: I have SO many cosplay inspirations. Between my friends in my cosplay group who keep me motivated to the larger-scale cosplayers who build these incredible cosplays that look like art I find inspiration everywhere! Some of my favorite cosplayers as of right now are Kinpatsu, Ashlynnedae and Jannetincosplay. There’s also so many “smaller scale” cosplayers that I see at conventions who absolutely blow me away with their talent! In this community it is so easy to find inspiration from others because of how different everyone’s strengths are. Some people are incredible at armor work, some at sewing, and others are fantastic role players so there’s so much to pull from!

Mt. Lady: My Hero Academia Anime

That Hashtag Show: What’s a character that you’ve always wanted to cosplay but haven’t?
Feisty Vee: There are so many characters that I would love to cosplay but haven’t gotten around to just yet! My “cosplan” list is always growing and it feels like there’s never enough time to get them all finished! If I had to name one that I’m most excited about, I would love to do Harpie Lady from Yu-Gi-Oh! I’m hoping that I will be able to get her completed and ready to show during the summer of 2019! She’s always been one of my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh cards and I hope I can do her justice!