Earlier today Power Ranger Dino Charge/Super Charge actor, Micheal Taber, took to Twitter to talk about his motivation for the character.

Tweet by Micheal Taber
Photo by Adam Bouska

The Response

As always with any fandom, the response online has been vastly supportive. Some fans are on the other side say that the season is “ruined” now. Again we are talking about a show that has been over for 4 years?! Does the actor’s motivation really have any relevance in the long run of the show? I don’t think so.

Taber’s response to the tweet

There are other tweets showing support from cosplayers and ranger fans saying that we need more LGBTQ characters in Power Rangers.

Black and Green Dream!

Obviously, it was evident that there was an interesting connection between the Black and Green Rangers. I’m not going to get into some sort of fanfic. but even if you look at the source material Kyrouger the respective rangers had a great bond with each other. So it’s only natural it was conveyed in the American Adaptation.

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