Rejoice, all you A Certain Magical Index fans out there! For Misaki Shokuho now has her own spinoff manga: A Certain Scientific Mental Out.

A Certain Scientific Mental Out promo art.
I sense much mind controlling in the future.

On July 30, 2021; Anime News Network announced that that A Certain Scientific Mental Out has begun serialization in Kadokawa’s Comic Newtype. Said serialization began on July 27, 2021. This spinoff manga has Kazuma Kamachi as the writer, but it also features Yasuhito Nogi as the artist. Nogi previously worked on A Certain Scientific Railgun: Astral Buddy, also as the artist. Astral Buddy also featured Misaki Shokuho as a main character, so it’s only natural that he be the artist for the spinoff manga actually starring the Mental Out esper.

Unfortunately, there is no info about when A Certain Scientific Mental Out will receive a North American localization. Presumably, Seven Seas Entertainment will perform said localization, considering that they have done so for all of the previous A Certain Magical Index manga series. Ultimately, we will just have to wait for word to come from that company before we finally get to find out what this new manga is about in English.

A Certain Magical Index: Details

The entire anime in a nutshell.

So what is this A Certain Magical Index that I’ve been going on about? Well, it’s an anime and manga series created by Kazuma Kamachi. The basic premise of the story is that there is a city in Japan called Academy City, where people can study and learn to wield psychic powers. These supernatural abilities are regarded as a science by the world at large. However, there is magic out there in this world, and it’s at odds with the science of Academy City. These 2 forces soon collide in a battle of science vs. magic.

So how does this fit into A Certain Scientific Mental Out? Well, Misaki Shokuho is one of those people with psychic powers, called “espers” in the story. Her psychic powers are collectively called Mental Out. It’s a combination of telepathy and mind control. Yeah, those sounds like evil mastermind powers, don’t they? Well, she’s actually a heroic character in spite of her powers. She’s definitely a case of Bad Powers, Good People here.

You can watch A Certain Magical Index on Crunchyroll and Funimation right now.


A Certain Magical Index got a new spinoff manga called A Certain Scientific Mental Out from mangaka Kazuma Kamachi and artist Yasuhito Nogi. This spinoff manga stars Misaki Shokuho, wielder of the mind-controlling Mental Out ability, as the main character. Unfortunately, we have no idea when Seven Seas Entertainment will localize this manga. Tune in later for the English release date for this manga, whenever they decided to release that info.

Source: Anime News Network