Happy Valentine’s Day! Nothing says I love you more than getting a new Marvel Studios movie announcement, and we got that today with the new The Fantastic Four movie reveal. Of course, there is very little known about this movie at this time (other than the cast), but if you look at the teaser poster we got today it just might tell us when it is taking place. Starring Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach; The Fantastic Four will now hit theaters July 25, 2025. (The film essentially switched places with Marvel’s Thunderbolts, which now arrives in May 2025.)

Photo: Marvel Studios

Will The Fantastic Four Take Place In The 60s?

Like I said earlier we don’t have a lot of information on the Fantastic Four film, but if you look at the teaser poster some little easter eggs tell us this film might be taking place in the 1960s. So why do I say that? Let’s take a look. The first thing (not poster related) is that The Fantastic Four first came to us in comic form with Stan Lee’s Fantastic Four #1 in 1961. But that is not the main reason for this thought. Let’s take a deeper look at the poster.

Fantastic Four
Photo: Marvel Comics

OK, when looking at the image that Marvel Studios sent it shows the cast sitting in a living room that looks like it came right out of the 1960s. From the pink and blue decor to the jumpsuits they are wearing this whole thing screams vintage. Then let’s take a look at the magazine that The Thing is reading. It looks like the LIFE cover from December 13, 1963, featuring President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Fantastic Four
Photo: LIFE

Now let’s look at the photo of the astronaut on the back wall. The 1960s was also a huge time for the U.S. vs Russia space race. In 1961 John Glen was the first American to orbit the Earth and in 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. So why is this important? Well, if you look at the picture it looks as if the astronaut is wearing a space suit from that timeframe.

Fantastic Four
Neil Armstrong Photo: NASA

Now please remember this is all based off of speculation and the easter eggs found on the teaser photo. Marvel Studios has not officially announced when in the Marvel timeline this film will be taking place. You until then we can just keep guessing, but I feel like this is a pretty good guess.


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Source: Warner Bros.