Pixar SparkShorts continue their roll-out this week on Disney+ after Dug Days, with Twenty Something.  Aphton Corbin, a long-time animator at Pixar, has been given a shot at her first short film.  And although the use of 2-D animation might seem a bit odd for the studio who are mostly known for CGI… This touching and hilarious little movie is probably the best out of the bunch of Sparkshorts that Pixar has just released.


Twenty Something follows a twenty-one year old girl going to the club on her birthday with her best friend.  As she proceeds to go to the restroom, we realize that this is no adult, but three young sisters all under the age of sixteen who have disguised themselves as an adult.  Hijinks ensue as the three sisters try to keep their cover and have the night of their life.


First and foremost, there were two things that immediately surprised me about Twenty Something.  The first was how much more adult it felt than most Pixar shorts.  This is a film about a twenty-one year old that takes place at a club that has much more adult humor than is normal for the studio.  Of course, there is certainly enough humor for the kids too, that they will have a blast with this. The other surprise was the absolutely gorgeous 2-D animation.  The moment the short film started, my heart filled up with so much joy.  As much as I love CGI, it felt so refreshing to see a traditionally animated film that utilized different modern techniques.

As with almost all Pixar shorts, Twenty Something starts off as one thing and becomes something so much more.  In a little over six minutes, Corbin has injected her film with so much heart and the ending truly struck a chord with me.  Its themes on growing up and trying to find your place in the world when you are feeling lost… just really hit home.  The original background music is also perfect, along with the masterful lighting; to really create an atmosphere that will stick with you.  


The only negative I would have with this short, is that kids might not fall in love with it.  Or even understand its true meaning.  Pixar films in general have always found such a great common ground for all ages to get something out of… But, I think this is one that the parents will get much more meaning out of then their children.  Either way, I think this was the strongest Sparkshort release out of this most recent batch, and it is definitely worth a watch.  

Twenty Something premieres on Disney+ is streaming exclusively on Disney+ September 10th.

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