First Marvel gave us promotional posters for MODOK, and now the show has its first official trailer. The hype for this show must be incredible by now.

MODOK Chicken, is that you?

Exactly one month before its debut on Hulu on May 21, 2021; Marvel releases the first official trailer for MODOK on various platforms, including YouTube. The trailer begins with a young, beaten-up MODOK, complaining to his apparently normal mother about the other kids bullying him for his oversized cranium. Yes, that really happens. They’re definitely playing fast and loose with Marvel canon, that’s for sure.

Anyways though, the trailer then continues and reveals that MODOK has a secret family life that he keeps hidden from AIM. Or at least, he did, until his wife divorced him a while back. Which he apparently ignored or didn’t notice. And now, his ex-wife has a new lover, his kids apparently don’t care, and to make matters worse, AIM is bankrupt. It’s now up to MODOK to save his family life and his business…even though he made them fail in the first place. Well, good luck, man. You’re going to need it.

MODOK: Marvel’s Robot Chicken?

MODOK wallpaper poster.
As megalomaniacal as he looks, but minus any hint of coolness.

As you can see above, the show will be a stop motion, almost claymation-style show similar in vein to a certain other animated comedy show, but just taking place in a Marvel universe. Yes, Robot Chicken, we’re all looking at you. I wouldn’t be surprised if MODOK‘s creators draws heavy inspiration from Robot Chicken. But to forestall any questions: no, neither Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, Douglas Goldstein, nor Tom Root had anything to do with MODOK. This particularly comedic Marvel show is the product of Jordan Blum and Patton Oswalt. The latter of who appeared in notable comedies such as Mystery Science Theater 3000, Parks and Recreation, and Ratatouille (as the voice of Remy). Could this show be Marvel’s Robot Chicken? Well, we’re going to find out a month from now.


MODOK just unleashed its first official trailer upon the world. This trailer is just a taste to come of Marvel‘s newest comedy show when it (and he) arrives on Hulu on May 21, 2021. Be there, or be…whatever it is MODOK is.

Source: YouTube