So apparently, our favorite supervillain with the oversized head, MODOK, is getting his own show. In fact, Marvel has just now released some brand new posters for the show.

MODOK promo poster.
Never has a man’s head get any bigger.

To build up the hype for MODOK, Marvel has released 2 of these promotional posters via Comic Book. The first is the big one above. It shows our hilariously chibified “hero” grinning maniacally as his mechanical arm/tentacle things fix the title in the space above him. In a rather shoddy way, actually. When you attach what’s basically a sign tilted at an angle, you know that it’s Shoddy with a capital S. The tagline “World class villain. Suburban nightmare.” only serves to highlight how ridiculous the whole situation is.

MODOK promo wallpaper poster.
Even the poster is chibified.

This second poster shows pretty much the same scene. The only difference is that we can now clearly see all 6 of MODOK’s mechanical arm/tentacle things. Hey, MODOK? Doc Ock called. He wants his arms back. Also, the title is still tilted at an angle here, But with MODOK’s expression and pose, it now looks like he’s having a maniacal supervillain rant about his shoddy work. Either way, hilarity is definitely the order of the day for this show.

MODOK: Where and When We’ll See It?

Claymation, nice.

MODOK will premiere on Hulu on May 21, 2021. With the irreverent humor and the claymation/stop motion-like animation style, it puts us in mind of another claymation/stop motion-like comedy series that has its own highly irreverent style. Robot Chicken, we’re looking at you.

MODOK, are you ripping off Robot Chicken now?

Still, even if MODOK is heavily inspired by Robot Chicken, there is still hope. At least we can hope for better animation quality, and Marvel self-referential jokes. Many of them.


MODOK just got its first promotional posters from Marvel. You know, to build up the hype for its impending release on Hulu on May 21, 2021. If you liked Robot Chicken, you’ll probably like this particular Marvel show.

Source: Comic Book