Marvel’s Avengers gets a stunning new trailer that teases us with hints of the game’s story.

The Avengers assemble, along with Kamala Khan.
Avengers plus new girl unite!


On June 24, 2020; IGN unveiled a new story trailer for Marvel’s Avengers, developed by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. Said story trailer gives us tantalizing new details on the plot, which so far is pretty sparse. Of particular note is that Kamala Khan (aka. Ms. Marvel) is the main protagonist of the game, and the main antagonists will apparently be Leader and MODOK. While I’m familiar with Kamala Khan, I had no idea who MODOK was. For those of you who have no idea who MODOK is, you’re not the only one. For those of you who’re freaked out by MODOK when you looked him up, you’re also not the only one.

A giant bobblehead is now running AIM. Well, I guess it could be worse.

As for the trailer itself, it revealed very little about gameplay. All it consisted of was cinematic sequences. It did reveal some interesting things about the story though. It seems in this timeline, something happened with the Avengers some years ago that caused a massive disaster. In the present day, the fear that disaster created caused something like the Superhuman Registration Act to be implemented. There are apparently no lawyers in this world though, because this SRA apparently allows the villains (AIM) to imprison superhumans and experiment on them at will. Looks like Kamala Khan’s going to have to go vigilante here, and reunite the Avengers.

Kamala Khan demonstrating her embiggening powers on a hapless robot.
And trash some not-entirely-blameless robots too.


As for gameplay though, funnily enough, IGN also released a gameplay trailer at the same time as the story trailer. This gameplay trailer seems to take place late in the game’s story, and it features Thor fighting an army of robots alongside the other Avengers on top of a helicarrier’s flight deck. The gameplay seems to be a third-person hack-and-slash type game, and seems to be visually. impressive but a bit repetitive. I’ll let you be the judge of that though.

Outstanding visuals and voicework. Now if only the gameplay could be a bit less repetitive.


In spite of the slightly repetitive gameplay trailer, the story trailer just blew me away. The story promises to be quite dramatic and spectacular. The premise seems to be similar to Infamous Second Son, so hopefully Marvel’s Avengers will turn out to have just as good a story. The game is set to be released on September 4 on Windows, PS4, Xbox, and Stadia. I, for one, will definitely be eagerly awaiting its release.

Source: IGN