This week DC Comics gives another brand new title, and this one promises to take us into territory not familiar to the DC Universe. Teen Titans has gone many different directions with an entire assortment of cast. Now in Teen Titan Academy 1, the Titans head the same direction as the X-Men. School is in session.

Honestly, this issue does not tell a story. Instead it sets up the new Titan Academy. The original cast returns, but instead of bringing a team together, they now teach the new generation of hero-wannabes. TTA1 introduces us to the new kids. We see a few powers, but they are largely kept under wraps for now. Taking place during Nightwing’s birthday, this issue launches a fun, new dynamic for DC.

Teen Titans Academy 1 – Ghosts of the Past

The past for the most part goes unnoticed, but two things pop out in the story. The first is the name of the new academy, the Roy Harper Titan Academy. Roy died during the events of Heroes in Crisis, but with the time reset from Infinite Crisis he lives once more. Instead of heading back to the gang, he seems to dump everything Red Arrow related and begins hitch hiking. His return could upset the balance at the Academy.

The other ongoing thread revolves around Nightwing’s biggest regret, Red-X. Dick used the Red X identity to attempt to take Slade Wilson down from the inside. Robin lost his way and became darker than he meant to.

As a present someone gave Dick the original Red X mask, thought to be long gone. This unsettles Dick, but he turns it into a lesson and warning for the kids. The Red X identity exemplifies what happens when a hero loses his way and gives into the darkness.

Infinite Frontier and the rebirth of the DC Universe changed things. Someone donning the Red X mask awaits our heroes out there somewhere. A collision looks inevitable.

What did you think of this new turn in Teen Titan story telling? Are you excited to see where the Academy leads? Head on over to DC Fanatics and tell us what you thought of Teen Titans Academy 1.