This week from BOOM! Studios we get Seven Secrets 6. When we last left our heroes, the guardians of the seven secrets, the world was falling apart. The seekers routed them from every base they used. The Guardians fled to an unknown base with all seven secrets in the hopes of protecting them and regrouping. Just one problem – the seekers knew of this ‘hidden base’ as well.

As the group cowers in their base, the seekers work to break down the door. The door, built to stop battering rams, could not handle the pounding of tank cannons, and would fall shortly. I love how the guardians decide to borrow a page from Théoden of Rohan. When all looks lost – Charge! It works for a time, but the numbers eventually paly themselves out. Not only do the seekers push back, but Gareth and many others go down. Where does one run when there is nowhere left to go? How does that saying go? Never say never.

Seven Secrets 6 – Two Down, Five to Go

At long last we finally learn about two of the secrets. In a move of desperation and a move of stupidity, two of the cases are opened. At long last we begin to learn exactly what these mysterious cases contain. It becomes obvious the senior members of the order know what each case does, even if their holders do not. Tajana orders the opening of Secret 3. When opened, a multicolored portal opens. Those left, save Tajana, race through. Apparently Secret 3 allows for travel to another plane, and just like in Lord of the Rings, they are told – don’t follow the light, or die.

Back in the real world, the psychopathic leader decides to open Canto’s case. Tajana tries to stop her, but the foolish never listen. I’d say the results were messy, but honestly with the way that panel is drawn, I’m not sure anything survived the blast from that secret. We have to assume someone from the seekers will pick up the secret, but it will not be anyone from the party that opened it.

So 1 secret opens a portal. Another appear to disintegrate everything within a certain radius. Over the course of the series I am sure we will discover what the others do, but it appears from these that anything is possible. The series has stayed grounded so far, but then there’s this issue’s ending…

Seven Secrets 6 – What of Caspar?

Two things happen with Caspar this issue. One does not bode well. The second remains to be seen. As Caspar steps through the portal, he looks back at the carnage and sacrifice and makes a vow. He will never put the secrets ahead of someone he loves. The most obvious person this references is his mother, but we may not know the whole story. Writers do not drop nuggets like this unless it plays a pivotal role later.

The second episode with Caspar comes in the realm in between. Casper loses focus and ‘follows the lights’. Caspar himself describes these events as “…and then things got weirder.” Two white humanoids appear. They do not show gender, but one stands naked while the other wears a top and shorts. They try and take the case from Caspar, but Caspar shakes himself out of his daze and refuses. This is when they drop the WTF phrase of the day –

“You belong here.”

“He doesn’t remember who he is.”

“…He’s forgotten he can fly.”

The specters

So much for keeping the series grounded. We thought we knew Caspar’s parents, but apparently a part of the story got left out. The stakes and scope of this comic just grew exponentially!

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