Have you ever wanted to read all the volumes of the One Piece manga (at least, the currently printed ones) without having to switch to a different volume every time? Well, don’t worry. Apparently, JBE Books is here to help out with that. You might need some help carrying the result though.

All the Pieces in a Single Book

"ONEPIECE" by Ilan Manouach displayed in its display slipcase.
That’s not a doorstopper. That’s a truckstopper.

JBE Books is proud to announce ONEPIECE by Ilan Manouach. This whoppingly huge book apparently intends to collect volumes 1 through 102 of the One Piece manga by Eiichiro Oda into a single enormous paperback volume. Given that this book contains a grand total of 21,540 pages, I’d say they succeeded.

"ONEPIECE" by Ilan Manouach out of its box in an oblique view.
So that’s what 102 volumes of a manga looks like when condensed.

Not just in collecting all those volumes of One Piece in a single paperback either. ONEPIECE is now actually the longest book in the world, with dimensions measuring a grand total of 12 x 18.5 x 80 cm. That would be 4.5 x 7 x 31.5 in for us Americans. That would certainly explain why the whole book weighs a hefty 17 kg (36 lb). For comparison: those dimensions would make this book about the same length as the average computer monitor. While being just over 2.5 times the weight of one of those monitors to boot.

"ONEPIECE" by Ilan Manouach out of its box in a side view.
You can probably use the slipcase as a monitor stand, really.

And true to its word, you can even use this book to read 102 volumes of the One Piece manga all in one sitting. Even though JBE Books claims that this book is a “sculptural object” that “cannot be read or displayed in bookstores”, there’s literally nothing stopping you from plopping it down on a sturdy desk and opening it up for a good long read. The book appears to open up into individual pages just fine.

ONEPIECE: How to Get It

"ONEPIECE" by Ilan Manouach out of its box and placed on its spine, showing how the pages open up.
I wonder if you can get some good finger exercises by flipping through this book?

Unfortunately, a One Piece volume this big comes with an equally as hefty price tag. This supersized tankōbon volume will set you back €1,900.00 EUR. As of this writing, that’s equivalent to $1,895.29 USD. Even worse though, even if you wanted to purchase this book, JBE Books have completely sold out of ONEPIECE as of this writing, with no mention of any intent to print more. Your only hope now is to check back to JBE Books every once in a while to see if they change their mind one of these days. Or you can tune back into THS at a much later date to find out if we do.

Source: JBE Books