Now at last, you too will be able to assemble your very own Millennium Puzzle from Yu-Gi-Oh!. Possession by the spirit of an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh may not be guaranteed though.

The completed Millennium Puzzle model.
It’s time to du-assemble!

The Japanese manga news website Comic Natalie reports that Bandai will be making this Yu-Gi-Oh!-style Millennium Puzzle model courtesy of Ultimagear. The Puzzle will launch in hobby and anime stores throughout Japan sometime in August 2021, although they don’t say exactly when.

The retail price for the spirit of the pharaoh-I mean, the Millennium Puzzle will be ¥3,850 yen plus tax. This comes out to $35.41 USD at the time of this writing. It’s a bit on the expensive side, and that’s not even counting any shipping and handling charges if you order direct from Japan. There’s currently no news about when, or even if, they’ll bring this to the US though. So if you really want to assemble this particular puzzle, you might just have to turn to international shipping.

How to Assemble the Millennium Puzzle: With the Heart of the Cards, of Course!

Hands trying hard to assemble a very tricky Puzzle.
Maybe hand of the cards is more appropriate here.

While the actual Yugi Muto took 8 years to complete his Millennium Puzzle, you probably won’t need that long. That said, this puzzle is classified as a “Super Difficulty Puzzle” for a reason. The easiest part is just removing the pieces from their little plastic holder things.

The Millennium Puzzle's plastic holder thing.
The Millennium Puzzle pre-pre-assembly.

Once you do that though, that’s where the hard part begins. True to Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Millennium Puzzle comes in a lot of different pieces. At over 30 individual pieces, there are lot of parts to assemble. Also true to the manga/anime, there are no instructions. None. You’ll just have to use the heart of the cards to figure out how to assemble this puzzle.

A jumble of Millennium Puzzle pieces.
Now we get to the actual pre-assembly. Good luck.


Bandai will release a very collectible plastic model replica of Yu-Gi-Oh‘s famed Millennium Puzzle sometime in August 2021. It’s currently only in Japan for about $35 plus tax, shipping, and handling though. We’ll just have to wait for later to see if they’ll bring this to the US. Just believe in the heart of the cards, and that might be soon.

Source: Comic Natalie