Hey everybody, have you heard the news? Joe Bob is back in town. This week, us Mutants got a crash course in sex ed as Joe Bob and Darcy teamed up with Joe Lynch and his directorial efforts with this week’s movie, the movie shown was Suitable Flesh.

If you’re unfamiliar, every second week on The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs; the former Monstervision host and his co-host Darcy The Mail Girl feature a movie that sometimes has a timely theme (although, it’s not always necessary).

Let’s Talk About Sex With Joe Bob Briggs

Suitable Flesh

Clearly, someone over at Shudder is reading my reviews, as we’ve had two episodes back-to-back with guests. Yes, thank you! It’s obviously always fun listening to Joe Bob talk about a movie with Darcy. However, when they have a guest on it allows for a more interesting and lively dynamic. This week they had the Director of Suitable Flesh Joe Lynch on.

Joe is one of those industry veterans in horror that many people know and he knows his horror stuff. It was great seeing him and Joe Bob discuss the Stuart Gordon HP Lovecraft adaptations and how that led him to Suitable Flesh. Obviously, there’s no lack of love for Stuart Gordon on The Last Drive-In with previous episodes covering Re-Animator and Castle Freak.

How is Suitable Flesh itself? It’s fine. It feels like it’s missing that je ne sais quois that Stuart Gordon’s movies often had. To Joe Bob’s credit, they brought this up with Joe Lynch and he had an answer but to me, there’s no way this movie measures up there with Re-Animator, From Beyond, and Castle Freak.

While it pales in comparison to other Stuart Gordon HP Lovecraft stories, the inclusion of Joe Lynch kept things interesting and kept the episode interesting enough. While this isn’t the first episode I’d recommend to those who like these types of movies (Re-Animator still reigns supreme for me). Still, as a bit more of a deeper cut; I think fans of Horror and/or The Last Drive-In will find enough to enjoy

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