Elena Abbott is one of Detroit’s toughest reporters. And after defeating the dark forces that murdered her husband, she’s focused on the most important election in the city’s history.

But when someone uses dark magic to sabotage the campaign of the prospective first Black mayor of Detroit, it becomes clear to Abbott that the supernatural conspiracy in her city is even greater than she ever imagined. Now Abbott must exhaust all her abilities as a reporter and a supernatural savior to rescue Detroit—but at what cost to her own life?

Abbott 1973 issue 3 cover art

Abbott 1973 follows up Boom! Studios’ Hugo Award-nominated Abbott series. Check out our spoiler-free review of issue #3 below. (Need to catch up? Here’s the scoop on the first two issues.)

Abbott 1973 #3 Review

Issue #3 of Abbott 1973 takes a deep dive into drama. And between the city of Detroit and Elena herself, there’s plenty of it to go around.

At the end of the last issue, Elena arrived home to find her place destroyed and her girlfriend missing. At first she fears the Umbra. But James rightly points her in the direction of more grounded threats. 

This issue works well because we really get a sense of how Elena’s being pulled in different directions. She’s the Lightbringer, and that gives her the responsibility to harness her supernatural powers to defeat the Umbra. She’s a journalist, trying to uncover corruption in her city ahead of a key election. But she’s also just a person, caught between worlds and trying to keep the people she loves safe.

Of course, in a city plagued by threats both natural and otherworldly, that’s not going to be easy.

This issue introduces some new characters. I’m interested to see how they play into Elena’s struggle to save her girlfriend (and the election, and the world). There’s also a supernatural showdown in this issue that’s both visually stunning and an exciting display of magic. Elena debuts some new powers you’ll definitely want to see.

Overall, Abbott 1973 continues to keep me engaged and itching for the next chapter!

Abbott 1973 issue #3 is available now from Boom! Studios.