Halo Infinite may be releasing earlier than you think. Specifically, we may see a Spring 2021 release, according to a recent interview with the Master Chief’s motion capture actor. At the very least, it’s better than the previous undefined release date.

Wow, bombshell at the last second there.

Dan Allen Gaming recently interviewed Bruce Thomas, who is Master Chief’s motion capture artist for his motions in the games. The interview clip goes more or less normally. At the very last second of the clip though, Thomas casually drops that Halo Infinite is “in the can and ready to go for next spring”.

A New Spring for Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite logo.
Just a couple more months to go, if we believe this interview clip.

If we believe Bruce Thomas, this could be a major leak for Halo Infinite. It’d definitely be in Microsoft’s best interests to try to push the game out as quickly as possible. With COVID-19 still raging around the world, it’d definitely be a big moneymaker for them. Let’s hope the “early” release date doesn’t unduly affect the game’s quality.

The Master Chief running into a semi-translucent wall in Halo Infinite.
Master Chief, stop running into invisible walls!

Although, to be fair, Halo Infinite was originally meant for a November 10, 2020 release date. As you can tell, Microsoft wanted it to coincide with the release of the Xbox Series S/X consoles. Unfortunately, that same pandemic also put a kibosh on those plans, causing Microsoft to announce the delay of the game’s release date back in August 2020. Now though, with this leak by Bruce Thomas, we may have hope of seeing the Master Chief’s latest adventure in only a couple of months.

The Master Chief looking over the gorgeous landscape in Halo Infinite.
Far Cry: Halo?

It’s worth noting though that Bruce Thomas may not be entire accurate about this leak. He might not be privy to all of Microsoft‘s plans for Halo Infinite, and could possibly be speaking out of turn. So you might want to take this with a pinch of salt. But only just. Because you know, he is the Master Chief’s motion capture actor, after all.

A pinch of salt.
I assure you, just a pinch.


Master Chief’s own motion capture actor seems to have confirmed Halo Infinite will see a Spring 2021 release date. He doesn’t give an exact date, but that’s close enough. In just a couple of months, we might just get to see what the Master Chief does in his latest adventure on a Forerunner ringworld.

Source: Twitter