Hey everybody, have you heard the news? Joe Bob is back in town. The annual Halloween special for The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs saw the iconic horror host hand the reigns to his co-host, Darcy the Mail Girl. Darcy adorned the set with many decorations and was in charge of many aspects of this special. But did it pay off?

If you’re unfamiliar, every week on The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs. Former Monstervision host Joe Bob Briggs and his co-host Darcy The Mail Girl; feature two movies that (sometimes) tie in together. This Halloween special saw the pair showing off Demons 2 and All Hallows’ Eve.

Did Joe Bob And Darcy Do Right By Samhain On The Last Drive-In?

As mentioned by Joe Bob in the opening of the Demons 2 segment, the pair have not always had the best of luck in programming Halloween specials. Obviously, they’d love to show various movies that are universally loved, but they’re constrained by various rights issues. This is a hurdle that The Last Drive-In regularly has to deal with.

That’s why, as much as I don’t particularly enjoy All Hallow’s Eve, I understand that they sometimes have to choose movies that they have access to. I don’t particularly find the movie enjoyable or engaging, and while Joe Bob’s sequences before, during, and after the movie were entertaining, they only added so much value.

Demons 2 is a different story though. This a callback to Demons, a movie they showed during the initial July 2018 Marathon that was so popular it broke the internet and made The Last-Drive In a regular fixture. If you’ve been with Joe Bob and Darcy since the beginning it’s a cute moment of nostalgia. Of course, it’s also a gnarly zombie movie all centred around a cool party. The movie was fun and was entertaining to watch. Perfectly in keeping with the values of The Last Drive-In (Blood, Breasts, and Beasts!)

The Last Drive-In

Bring On The Demonologist For The Last Drive-In!

The expert on the Demons 2 segment is probably someone readers of this site and AEW fans would recognize: Danhausen!

Danhuasen appeared in the season opener for Season 5 of The Last Drive-In and returns for this. His energy and commitment to the bit really make his appearances memorable. Whether it’s schooling Joe Bob on demons or convincing Joe Bob to drink a strong European liqueur (but then tossing his away). He was a fun addition, and like Chris Jericho, who has made multiple returns to the trailer park, I hope we see more of Danhausen in the future.


While not the strongest set of movies, The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob’s Helloween gives us a memorable time with friends and gets us more excited for the upcoming specials for Christmas and Valentine’s Day as well as the supersized Season 6!

The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs airs live on Shudder TV on Fridays at 6 PM (PST); If you miss the live airing, episodes are archived and posted the following Sunday.

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