Of all the Ghostbusters merchandise you can possibly think of, did you think incense burners could be one of them? If not, you’re definitely not alone. And yet, someone did apparently think of that. It’s the only way to explain this thing.

Ghostbusters incense burner from the front.
Now you too can pretend you’ve had a successful ghost hunt.

Numskull Designs is proud to bring you this official Ghostbusters Ghost Trap incense burner. The burner measures 250mm (9.8 in) long, 122mm (4.8 in) wide, and 95mm (3.7 in) deep; making it fairly compact for home use. It’s also apparently made of “premium high quality plastic” (hopefully fireproof), with the details painted on.

Same Ghostbusters incense burner from the back.
The back side looks good too.

The incense burner’s airflow design is such that when you close the door on top with incense burning inside, the smoke escapes from the top just like if you’ve had a successful ghost hunt. It’s the perfect decoration for if you’re a Ghostbusters fan who just wants to burn incense in front of a shrine in the most unique way possible. Plus, you can pretend that you caught the god in the trap, so that’s a plus.

Slightly tilted Ghostbusters incense burner.
For when a god is haunting you.

You should note though that the Ghostbusters incense burner’s incense holder is designed specifically for cone-shaped incense. I’m not certain if you can use other types of incense in it, but it likely won’t emit smoke the way you want it if you do.

Close-up of Ghostbusters incense burner holder with cone-shaped incense.
Incense not included.

Also, big warning: don’t hold the ghost trap upright by the handle after you light the incense. Burning incense equals heat, and you really don’t want to give yourself a burn to ruin your smoke-filled relaxation.

Who You’re Gonna Call to Get a Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Incense Burner?

The Ghostbusters Ghost Trap incense burner is available from Geek Store for only $59.99. Yeah, it’s a tad expensive for a fancy incense burner, but you appear to be getting what you paid for. Unfortunately though, it’s not quite out yet. You can only preorder it at the time of this writing, but you will receive it once it launches in March 2021.

Geek Store also offers fast worldwide shipping and delivery, and 365-day returns. So if you’re not entirely satisfied with your fancy Ghostbusters incense burner after a year, you apparently can return it and get full money back.


The official (and very collectible) Ghostbusters Ghost Trap incense burner is available for preorder from Geek Store for $59.99, with delivery date in March 2021. If you want to burn incense in your house and look like a successful Ghostbuster doing it, give this a try. Maybe you too can feel good about ghostbusting as you burn this while waiting for the inevitable release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Eventually.

Source: Geek Store