Reebok seems keen on celebrating the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife film, what with this new line of Ghostbusters apparel they have here. Although the movie will come a bit late, perhaps you’ll want a spooky pair of sneakers for your Halloween this year?

Ghostbusters sneakers.
Yes, but will these sneakers make busting feel good?

Sneakers are a given when it comes to Reebok apparel. So what better way to celebrate Halloween than for them to team up with the Ghostbusters to give you all a new line of Ghostbusters sneakers? And not just sneakers.

Reebok is also releasing Ghostbusters T-shirts as part of this collaboration, in addition to boilersuits. They’re even full-body overalls styled after the ones the actual Ghostbusters wore in the movie. You know, so you can cosplay Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, or Ray Stantz yourself.

Reebok will release all of these apparel on October 31, right in time for Halloween. Until then, you all will just have to satisfy yourselves with a preview. Here’s the full lineup:

Reebok Ghostbusters Classic Leather

Clearly haunted Ghostbuster sneakers.
Mysterious purple fumes sold separately.

These lovely leather sneakers (not actual leather, hopefully) are based off the overalls the Ghostbusters wear in the movie. Not their actual footwear though, which appear to be black leather boots. These sneakers come with embroidered quarter window box logo, caution stripes on the heel with a “Ready to Believe You” logo, lace aglet (the thing on the end of the shoelace) with a certain phone number on it, proton blaster sockliner, and a welded Ghostbusters logo on the tongue.

The prices for the Classic Leather will range from $50 for toddler sizes, up to $100 for adult sizes.

Ghostbusters Ghostsmashers

Side view of Ghostsmashers.
Huh, fancy.
Rear view of Ghostsmashers.
My, proton packs have changed since last time.

As you can see, they really went all out with these Ghostsmashers sneakers. Those little plastic things on the back are supposed to be proton packs, even if they look nothing like how the movies depict them.

Actual proton pack from the movies.
What a proton pack actually looks like.

Regardless, they still make a nice bit of decoration for the sneakers. You can even remove them if you don’t feel like wearing them. There’s also a hand-drawn Ghostbusters logo on the tongue, and caution stripe-style logo on the sides.

The Ghostsmashers will cost a whopping $150. One wonders how much is due to the little plastic “proton packs”.

Ghostbusters Boilersuit

Ghostbusters boilersuit.
Perfect for cosplay.

A full body boilersuit styled after the ones from the movies. Perfect for cosplaying any of the Ghostbusters, especially if you remove that Reebok logo.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a price for you yet. Check back later for details.

Reebok Ghostbusters T-Shirt

Reebok black T-shirt that looks like it's haunted.
Haunting sold separately.

Just a regular T-shirt with Reebok’s logo on it. You can see the Ghostbusters logo on the sleeve and the phone number you want to call if you’ve seen paranormal activity, but that’s it. There are multiple colors aside from black if you don’t like that color though.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a price for this one either. Check back for more details.

Reebok Ghostbusters Long-Sleeved T-Shirt

More Ghostbusters-y long-sleeved T-shirt.
Proton streams sold separately.

Same overall design as the other shirt, but with long sleeves. You can see that classic “Don’t cross the streams” warning on it though, and the back depicts what happens when said streams are crossed. Also available in colors besides black.

Still no prices available, I’m afraid. Come back later when we have the details.

Source: Comic Book