Boom! Studios just won’t stop dangling the Morpher in front of our face! So here is another preview of the upcoming graphic novel Sins of the Future.

Pink Ranger Is Seeing Red

There is something going on here that we will absolutely learn about it the book but this tease about Jen KILLING Alex, her former fiance, just baffles the mind!

But The Questions Don’t Stop There!

Nadira shows up suddenly to assist Jen after she teaches them why she was the leader. interestingly Nadira does refer to Jen as PROFESSOR SCOTTS. once back at Nadira’s lab, you see a heart-shaped photo of Joe Shih the Time Force Silver then Hyperforce Green and she explains she’s from the future, which future?

But This Is A Story About Jen And Wes?

Sins of the Future
What and when?

Apparently, Wes is hiding out at TF HQ in THE PAST? when in the past I don’t know. I think it’s safe to assume that Eric bringing him coffee. Why is he here? Is it post break up. SO many questions! Don’t forget to check out the other previews for Sins of the Future (Links Below)

Has this third preview sold you on the epic scale of this graphic novel? I’m so ready to pick this up on day one, November 3rd! What do you think about Sins of the Future?

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