It is always fun when I can get my hands on toys that I can review. But it gets better when that toy was, and still is my favorite character from Star Wars…Boba Fett. This year you all may of noticed that Diamond Select Toys released their new Star Wars Select 7″ Scale figures, and the first figure in this 7″ lineup was Boba Fett. Luckily I was able to get my hands on one from and will give you my review on this new 7″ action figure.

Diamond Select Boba Fett
Photo Credit: Greg Evans (Starwarsnerd574)

Diamond Select Toys Star Wars Boba Fett (Return of the Jedi)

Pros of the Diamond Select Boba Fett 7″ Action Figure

This Boba Fett figure has a lot going for it. Here is my list of the Pros for this figure by Diamond Select:

  • If you are a in box collector then you will like the open view of the figure.
  • The sculpt and paint job look amazing. The minute you saw it you knew it was from Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi.
  • You get a number of accessories that includes his EE-3 Carbine Rifle (with rifle fire), Flames, and extra hands.
  • Articulated Viewfinder
  • The articulation is pretty good as well.
Boba Fett
Photo Credit: Greg Evans (Starwarsnerd574)

Cons of Diamond Select Boba Fett 7″ Action Figure

Unfortunately there are a couple of Cons to report on this figure:

  • If you are an out of box collector there is really now way of saving the packaging when you open it.
  • The single jointed elbows do limited you in ways you can pose it.
  • I would like to see a cloth cape
  • the joints are very stiff coming out of the box, I had to use a little force (no pun intended) to pose Boba Fett.

My Overall Thoughts

The Boba Fett 7″ Figure by Diamond Select is a must have for any fan or collector of Boba Fett. The boxed figure looks amazing with its card back style. But like I said in the cons you have to cut the bubble to remove the figure so keeping it to store it back in really isn’t a option.

Diamond Select vs The Black Series Boba Fett
Diamond Select 7″ Boba Fett next to Hasbro The Black Series Boba Fett – Photo Credit: Greg Evans (Starwarsnerd574)

The size and detail is another thing that drew me to this figure. From the weathered look to the accessories this Boba Fett figure will stand out in your collection. The accessories are a big plus for this figure. The left gauntlet has a small piece you can remove and replace with a translucent flame. The EE-3 Carbine rifle also has a translucent accessory you can attach as well. I was a little disappointed that the cape was plastic, but it still looks good.

The Diamond Select 7″ Boba Fett is a Disney exclusive and retails for$24.99. It is available at some Disney Stores and Hotels. Also it has been going in and out of stock at, so make sure to keep checking if you are looking for this figure.

Boba Fett Merry Christmas
Merry Fettmas – Photo Credit: Greg Evans (Starwarsnerd574)

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