Story Synopsis: Golosseum Vol. 1

The age of technological weapons used to fight wars is over.  Wars are now fought with supersoldiers called “Peacemakers.”  Find out how Peacemakers changed the world in this week’s Comic Rewind, Golosseum Vol. 1.

The Russian scientists discovered a material which lets people become immune to almost all weapons and forms of attack.  If the person wore a special bracelet it gave them this special invulnerability.  Their bodies absorb bullets, knives and other traditional weapons.

However, this new found power wasn’t absolute.  It had two, but only two weaknesses.  The first is skin-to-skin contact so a person could enjoy the touch of a man or a woman.  The second was being slammed into the ground so they won’t fall to the center of the Earth.

Comic Rewind Golosseum

Russia was selling this material at a hefty price.  Countries all around the world were coming to Russia to buy it and make alliances with the country.  However, there was another way to make a Peacemaker.  Rasputin knew another way and it created a far more powerful version and it involved listening to a record.  There are only two people who have this power.  Rasputin and a girl named Sasha Goundarenko aka The White Witch.

The whole world was looking for the White Witch and with almost every country having Peacemakers it was going to get ugly real fast.

Golosseum Vol. 1 was written and drawn by Yasushi Baba.   Kodansha Comics published the volume in 2018.

Muscle Men Fighting To The Death Sounds Like My Kind Of Comic

This is the first manga I’ve reviewed.  I like anime even though I hardly ever watch it anymore.  However, manga was always something that didn’t appeal to me for a lot of reasons.

A manga about muscular fighters fighting to the death with one being a version of Hulk Hogan and the other Bruce Lee is my jam.

However, this volume wasn’t what I hoped it would be.  I wanted an over-the-top fight fest.  I wanted crazy action that was funny, bizarre and intense.  However, all I got from this was set-up.  

Comic Rewind Golosseum

Golosseum Has Bad Pacing And No Epic Fights

I know all the characters and just want them to see them fight more, but then the volume ends.  When it ended I felt very unfulfilled and unsatisfied.  Next volume will probably be better or at least I hope because it will probably have a lot of backstory for all the characters introduced.

The pacing was just so slow and it set up fights and I was looking forward to seeing these two people go at it, but then boom it’s over.  None of the fights in the volume are two people evenly matched.  It’s Peacemakers vs normal people or The White Witch vs someone who completely underestimates her.

Golosseum Does Have Some Interesting Workarounds Getting Past Peacemaker Powers

I did like some of the ways they went around getting past the Peacemaker’s vulnerabilities.  One way was shooting frozen fingers because of the skin-to-skin contact it created.  Another was a scarf made out of human hair and boots made out of human skin.

This manga has potential and I will read another volume, but this volume didn’t have the meat I was looking for.

Not a great start to the series, but I have high hopes and let’s hope they are well placed.



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