Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara

Courtesy of: AEW

Most of the action in this match happened before the bell rang. Before Guevara could react, Darby Allin threw himself from the ring to the outside at Guevara. A table was conveniently placed at ringside with an AEW apron on it. Watching the broadcast, I was questioning who would be going through that table, but it wouldn’t be for this match. Guevara brought out another table. Darby Allin was handled by Sammy and placed on the new table. A mean looking 630 splash from Guevara blasted Allin through it.

Then the match actually began. Guevara and Allin went to war. Double stomps from the top rope, an almost botched Spanish Fly, and some submissions couldn’t keep Allin down for the three count. The climax of the match was Sammy Guevara exposing the top turnbuckle. Allin wouldn’t fall for this. He used the turnbuckle to his own advantage, flipping Guevara into it. Following this, Allin hit a wicked looking stunner into the Coffin Drop for the three count.

He wasn’t done with Guevara though. He was looking to give an extended beatdown before Jake Hager ran out to save his fellow Inner Circle member.

AEW: Revolution Grade: A

This match showed that while AEW still has an issue with creating new stars for their main event, the midcard is alive and well. Guevara and Allin had chemistry that you don’t see out of two 26/27 year olds. Allin is going to be a star in the near future and the commentary and match showed us all that. Guevara might also be the biggest star coming out of the Inner Circle as well. A great match overall, and one that probably should have opened the show.