Final Thoughts and Where Does AEW Go From Here

Courtesy of: AEW

Jon Moxley gave an impassioned speech that was definitely off the script. He connected with the fans in a way that I haven’t seen someone in wrestling in a long time. In his words, “this win was for all of you, the fans”. Jericho is surely going to be back for his title come Wednesday night. Whether he gets that shot at Double or Nothing or an episode of Dynamite remains to be seen. This show was hyped up by Cody Rhodes as the “Wrestlemania for AEW”. At the time I thought that was hyperbole designed to sell the show. After watching it, AEW showed, while they still have some work to do in the women’s division, they can put on the best shows of the year. If you weren’t interested in AEW before this show, it’ll surely change your mind now.

WWE put out a turd of a product in Super Showdown on Thursday. It was a show that pissed off fans and insulted their intelligence. I’m by no means a WWE hater now, but AEW had to have put them on notice with such a quality show. I can’t wait to see where they go from here with it. All I can say is, let the reign of Jon Moxley, BEGIN.

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