AEW Women’s Championship Match: Kris Statlander vs. Nyla Rose

Courtesy of: AEW

Nyla Rose has a case saying she should have been the first AEW Women’s Champion. This match was put in the unenviable position of following up that instant classic between Omega, Page and the Bucks. Some might say this was the “go to the bathroom spot”. I beg to differ. These two performers put on a show to blast away that opinion.

Statlander entered the match battling the flu, so her performance was particularly gutsy. A big superkick blew open the match for Statlander. Rose answered back with a bone-crushing Spear for a near fall. Statlander showed her athletic side with two dives to the outside to keep Rose down for a bit.

Statlander really shined with her personality in the closing moments of the match. Rose went for her top-rope knee drop. She snuck away from the Beast, and then blew her a kiss and posed in the middle of the ring. A Beast-Bomb gave Rose a near-fall again. Statlander delivered an avalanche Brainbuster that looked to be the winning move, but Rose recovered. Nyla hit Statlander with a top-rope Beast-Bomb for the three count.

AEW: Revolution Grade: B+

After some early jitters from the two competitors, they really came into their own. Probably fully knowing that they were the cool-down match after that classic, they put on a show to make it so people had to stay and watch. The only issue that AEW has with it’s women’s division right now is a story that people can invest in. The other stages of this PPV had plenty of things for fans to get invested in. The division needs a big character or storyline to reinvigorate it. Otherwise it’ll end up just being good in-ring work with no story. Which would be a shame.