Orange Cassidy vs. Pac

Courtesy of: AEW

This was the surprise of the night for me. I absolutely detest the Orange Cassidy character. The whole gimmick of not caring and the pitiful kicks seems to pop many wrestling fans, but I hate it. So naturally when they announced PAC vs. Orange Cassidy for Revolution, I was skeptical. PAC is fantastic though, so I watched this match instead of getting a drink. I’m glad I did. They started off with the gimmick Orange Cassidy treatment, the little kicks, and putting his hands into his pockets. PAC quickly seized control and started beating on Cassidy, sending him into the ring steps.

PAC was setting up for the Black Arrow, but Cassidy rolled slowly to the outside. When PAC threw him back into the ring, OC rolled to the other side in the same way. This was all a ruse though, Cassidy struck PAC with a suicide dive, a crossbody, and a wicked looking tornado DDT. This all led to a near-fall and PAC turning OC inside out with a clothesline. OC went into full babyface comeback mode though, hitting PAC with a Superman Punch, and the Stundog Millionaire for another two-count. PAC tried for a Tombstone Piledriver, but couldn’t connect.

The Lucha Bros. came out to take out the Best Friends. They brawled up the ramp while Orange Cassidy looked on. PAC snuck up behind him and cinched in the Brutalizer for the submission win.

AEW: Revolution Grade: A

I can’t believe that I enjoyed that match as much as I did. The fans in the crowd ate up everything in this match and more. As much as the comedy aspect of Orange Cassidy doesn’t ring for me, his in-ring talent is off the charts. PAC was perfect here, selling the comedy and OC’s moves just enough. His persona shined through at the end though, taking advantage of the distraction and locking in his submission hold even after the ref called the match. Putting the Lucha Bros. and PAC together might be a stroke of genius as well to let them run roughshod over the midcard.