PS5 backwards compatibility with the PS4 is a hot topic these days. And now, it appears that a report discussing that has allegedly surfaced. Pass the salt, please.

The salt-like color of the PS5.
White like salt.

You’ll Need So Much Salt to Take With This

It appears that a new report about the PS5 has surfaced, courtesy of ComicBook via YouTuber Lance McDonald. According to ComicBook, McDonald allegedly stated that there will be no whitelisting when it comes to PS5 backwards compatibility with PS4 games. What this means is that while Sony is testing out PS4 games on the PS5, they will not block users from playing PS4 games on it. So in effect, the PS5 is fully backwards compatible with the PS5, although some games Sony hasn’t gotten around to testing might not run.

However, ComicBook reports McDonald did not cite a source when speaking of this, so for all we know, McDonald could be making it all up. Furthermore, I’m unable to locate this alleged YouTube video on McDonald’s YouTube channel. Therefore, I can’t even confirm that this report even exists. It’s possible that Sony filed some kind of copyright claim and took McDonald’s video down, but without seeing that video myself, I can’t confirm it.

Seriously folks, this isn’t even a leak. It’s just an unfounded rumor based on a video that apparently no longer exists. Take this rumor with as much grains of salt as you can find. In fact, take the whole salt mine. You’ll need it.

A picture of 4 major sources of salt.
One of these is not like the others.


If a news report doesn’t name a source, take it with a grain of salt. If you can’t even find the news report anymore, take it with the biggest grain of salt you can find.

A big freaking salt crystal.
The size of the salt crystal you need to take this rumor with.

And after taking all that salt, drink some water. Avoid dehydration from all the salt you just took.

My reaction to the amount of salt I needed for this rumor.

Source: ComicBook