We are entering a new era of entertainment, but to be honest the path could split any number of ways right now depending on the future of movie theaters. For the moment let us assume movie theaters manage to endure through this mess. How many times have we seen movies and loved a side character so much we want a spin off movie. Studios will rarely fork over enough money to make it happen, but now with the world of streaming services it can! Thecinemaspot.com is reporting Catwoman is coming to HBOMax.

Catwoman Is Coming to HBOMax: Zoe Kravitz Provides the Key

The next Selina

This project is in the earliest stages of pre-production (aka-a bunch of suits are talking about it), but this project could issue in a new era to cinematic storytelling. Reports are that this Catwoman spin off will star The Batman co-star Zoe Kravitz. Writer Erma Kaya said she heard this rumor some time ago, but it was the cancellation of High Fidelity, starring Kravitz, after only one year that solidified the rumor.

So far nothing is known for sure about the series other than it will tie into Matt Reeves forth-coming movie production. One rumor suggests it will be a prequel to the movie, showing Selina’s early days in Gotham. Another report suggests Selina does not actually become Catwoman by the end of The Batman. This series might highlight her transformation into everyone’s favorite cat-burglar.

Catwoman Is Coming to HBOMax: A New Era in Storytelling

It used to be fans would watch a movie and fall in love with a secondary character. Fans want to see a movie with that new character, but it never happens. For a great example we need go no further than a previous Bat-movie. When Michelle Pfeiffer brought Catwoman to the big screen in the 1992 Tim Burton film, Batman Returns, movie goers cried out for years for WB to give Pfeiffer her own movie. It never happened.

In today’s age a studio may not want to shell out the big bucks for a movie spin-off, but now they can send it to the streaming service as a series or movie. Disney+ is attempting to do this with Marvel, so so why wouldn’t HBOMax be open to the same idea. After all, they do seem to be swallowing the DCUniverse programming whole.

There are no dates for either targeted release or for production to start, but if The Batman succeeds in relaunching the Batman titles, expect this and more!